The 21 Stages of Tinder




It was a late Wednesday night when a friend and I decided, like many of the students at OU, that we should join Tinder. “What can it hurt?” “Who knows who we’ll find!” and “Maybe it’ll be fun!”  we told each other as justification for downloading the app. These are the thoughts and experiences I had while my account was active.

The Beginning

1. Do these people really go to my school?

2. Why are there so many people in their pictures *gets to last picture* oh, that’s why. 3. Wow, he’s kind of cute. (I poke my friend laying next to me on my bed)  “I found a normal looking one!” 4. Wait, a lot of these guys are normal looking, why haven’t I seen them on campus? 5.Oh gosh, what if no one likes me, how embarrassing. 6. *Hits like*  “It’s a match” pops up on screen. (Thinking to myself, “Yeah, I would have liked me too”)

The Middle

7. Why aren’t they messaging me? Isn’t this what this is for?

8. *Message comes in* “Your cute”

9. Faced with the internal dilemma of correcting his grammar and possibly losing the love of my life, or just going along with it.

10. Decides to be true to my Grammar Nazi self, sends back “I think you mean you’re”

11. No response from him.

12. That’s fine, I couldn’t marry someone who doesn’t use proper grammar.

13. Oh! New guy messages me, and he’s actually using proper grammar!

14. He’s actually pretty nice, maybe this whole Tinder thing isn’t so silly.

15. …and he just asked me my bra size. Nope.

16. Walking to class and I pass guys I’ve seen on there, internally praying they don’t know who I am.

End of the Week

17. Wondering why I joined this in the first place.

18. Literally don’t respond to any messages anymore

19. Repeatedly swipes left.

20. New message comes in “wanna hook up?”

21. Deletes account.

One thought on “The 21 Stages of Tinder

  1. you have so much great information in your blog. I struggle to get much reading time but I know I can learn plenty from you, Thank you so much and greetings… 🙂

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