Local Artist Spotlight: A quick Q&A with Entel

Entel playing on the Four Loko Stage during Halloween. Photo courtesy of Elliot Vian

Entel playing on the Four Loko Stage during Halloween.
Photo courtesy of Elliot Vian.

Entel is a local electronic act that many OU students have heard in house parties, bars and even at the Four Loko stage on Halloween. He will be playing his biggest performance yet this coming Saturday, as he takes the stage for 12 Fest. While his music is well known around the area, few people know the man behind the moniker.

1. First off, let’s get the boring shit out of the way: What’s your full name, grade level and major?

My name is Anthony Bergamesca and I’m a junior at Ohio University. I am an audio production major in the Scripps College of Communication with a minor in film and audio.

2. Cool, cool. So, how were you able to get on to the Number Fest lineup?

I won a contest to open up for Savoy last May. I got my foot in the door with Prime Social this way, and kept working with them throughout the year. I approached them on Facebook saying I was ready to play more shows and that I really wanted to play 12 Fest. I’d like to think that my hard work and number of shows played in the area led to me landing the gig.

3. Will you have the opportunity to meet the big-name artists playing later in the day?

I do have an all-access pass. I’d like to meet them, but I’m not gonna be that guy to bother them. I’m not one to pass my CDs out—I’m trying to make friends and have a blast playing music.

Entel with another local DJ Chris Henke. Photo courtesy of Justin Nedell

Entel with local DJ Chris Henke during High Fest. Photo courtesy of Justin Nedell.

4. Which artist(s) will you be “fangurling” over—if any?

Carnage, for sure. He came from a similar background as me, with supportive parents all throughout his beginnings. I wouldn’t “fangurl” in front of him, but he’s definitely the person I’d be most stoked to meet.

5. You are playing in front of the huuuuge audience. How nervous do you feel on a scale of 1-to-full-blown-neurotic-breakdown?

Honestly, as nervous as I am, I feel like I’m pretty prepared. I want to view it as just another show just to keep the nerves down. But it’s mostly about just playing the music and having a fun time with it.

6.What has your preparation been like, as opposed to previous performances you’ve put on?

I’ve taken it a lot more seriously. I’ve spent 5-6 hours a day doing prep work for the past week, but you can only put so much work in. Stage presence is crucial and you can’t exactly prepare for that.

7. What genres influence your music the most? Where do you get your sound?

Damn, this is a hard question. I pull from a lot of different genres from heavy metal, alternative rock, to trance and deep house. Listening to a variety of genres is important because if you lock yourself into one thing, there is no way to branch out and create an original sound. The most influential artist to me right now is Kaskade.

8. What is your favorite local venue to perform at, and why?

Being from Columbus, I love the Basement because it’s an intimate experience. You can feel the crowd’s emotion full force. In Athens, you gotta go with the Union! It’s got the best sound system and dedicated partygoers.

9. You said earlier that your major is Audio Production. What are your post-educational goals? Do you still plan on making music and DJing?

I want to get a job at an indie studio because of the creative freedom and fun atmosphere to be in. Being an audio production major, the great thing is I will always be around music and be able to work on side projects.

10. What advice do you have for first time Number Fest attendees?

Get there early and support your local artists! Nah, I’m playin’. Be strapped with a camel pack filled with water for sure. Undercover cops are EVERYWHERE, so party smart.

Are you going to #12Fest? Let us know @SpeakeasyMag



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