Fests are for fun, not for love

Go ham this 12 fest. Photo from thenumberfest.com.

Go ham this 12 fest. Photo from thenumberfest.com.

“Don’t drink to get drunk, drink to enjoy life.”

This famous quote by Jack Keraouc describes Ohio University’s fest season in a way that only Bobcats can understand. While many of us do become heavily intoxicated during this time, it isn’t simply for the pure enjoyment of being drunk. The fests are a time to spend enjoying the sun, beer and the company of good friends. The residents of houses on the streets that participate open their doors and tap their kegs to have a good time with their fellow Bobcats. And the few arrests aside, it’s a chill and drama free experience for all who attend.

That being said, Fest Season is not the time to spend with your significant other, nor is it the time you should be looking for one. I’ve made some great friends and memories during the fests, and I have received such sweet compliments at them, consisting of catcalls, repeatedly being called “blondie” and having a couple of guys tell me they’d like to take body shots off of me (and possibly making the intoxicated choice of allowing one to do one).

Going to the fests, I expect to see more people pushed up against a tree making out than I do couples holding hands, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. That’s the thing about fests: I don’t go with the intent of meeting a nice guy to take home to my parents, not because there aren’t great guys at fests, but simply because that’s not what we go there for.  I’m assuming that it’s the same with the majority of other students who go as well. We go into fests with the mindset to have a good time and the intent to kick some ass at pong, not to meet the great loves of our lives.

While maybe 1 out of every 75 students will find a significant other at a fest, the rest of us are simply looking for a good time, in one way or another. So as this years fest season comes to a close, spend time at 12 Fest. Make sure you enjoy the atmosphere, alcohol and the abundance of memories being made.

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