11 reasons why a BFF is better than Bae

When going away to college, I’m aware that many people have trouble when saying goodbye to their significant other before heading off to separate schools. If I had a boyfriend, I’m sure it would have been hard, yet nothing will every be as hard as the goodbye I had to say to my best friend. All summer we knew it was coming, yet avoided talking about it. No matter how in love I fall, I always know that having my BFF will take precedent over a “bae.”

1. They actually want to watch sappy rom-com movies with you, and will cry an equal amount during the cheesy parts. 

– Planning a sappy movie marathon is so much easier when the other person isn’t trying to get you to watch movies about serial killers or super heroes (although there are definitely times for those), but rather brings her collection to go along with yours. Plus, without her, who else are you going to have a HSM (High School Musical) marathon with?

2. They can sleep at your house, in your bed, without your parents worried that something is going to happen. 

– “Hey mom, my boyfriend is going to sleep in my bed with me tonight.” While some parents may be okay with this, mine would definitely not. It’s not strange for my parents to come into my room and find my best friend big-spooning me. (Don’t act like you don’t do it too).

3. You can share clothes.

– I don’t think a boyfriend is going to have a crop top in my size..

4. They love to drink girly drinks with you. 

– Guys prefer beer, scotch and jack. Girls however, can drink whatever fruity, colorful and fun drinks that they want, and can hold said drinks while the other pees.

5. They understand that they are expected to dislike everyone that you do, simply for that reason.

– “Ugh, I hate Simon, he totally played my best friend freshman year.” While I have never actually met “Simon” the way he treated my best friend gives me not only the right to hate him, but it is an unspoken code that I must.

6. Going out always requires selfies, while with guys the phrase “lets take a picture!” is often followed by their “ugh..”

– I can’t count the number of pictures my best friend and I have taken while going out, and then even more while intoxicated.

7. Watching Pretty Little Liars on a weekly basis is not a chore, but rather something that other activities are planned around. 

– Saying no to going out because you know that you and your BFF are going to be watching PLL. Plus, it’s not as though you can drool over Ezra with your boyfriend.

*Ezra, swoon*

8. Sometimes you just need to have a day when you become lazy and consume all the food in your house, (and then the pizza* and Chinese takeout that you ordered)

– Now I know that your boyfriend is always says you look great no matter what, but do we really need them to see us in our baggy sweats, unwashed hair, surrounded by food? No. Your best friend though will not only not judge you, she’ll join you.

*With garlic butter sauce of course.

9. When you cry, she cries.

– As opposed to the typical guy response of “I’m just not sure what to do when you cry.” Upon seeing your tears, she will wrap her arms around you and probably begin crying as well, no matter how silly or ridiculous the reason is.

10. One song, picture or memory says more than words ever could. 

– Each set of best friends has those songs that remind them of a specific time or memory, that are followed by either tears or laughter, probably even both.

11. No matter what happens, no matter what fights you have, the love you have for each other is forever. 

– Whether you’re at different schools, or the same one, your best friend will always be there when you need her. No matter how stupid the fights you have are, no matter what else the two of you are involved with, the love you have for each other will always be there.

So it’s important to remember, that while finding love is important and exciting, the love between you and your best friend is equally, if not more important.

To my best friend, you are my Steve, my Serena, my other half and my partner in crime. While we may be 3 hours and 14 minutes and 166 miles apart, I love and support you no matter what you do, and cannot wait until we are reunited.

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