Becoming a Bobcat: The transition from high school to college

College is a completely different atmosphere than high school was. That is, unless you did post secondary in which case I’m sure you’ll find some similarities between the two. Professors aren’t lenient like teachers in high school were and you also can’t get away with missing classes and thinking you can just catch up. Although, props to you if you can!

In high school you may have shared a room with one of your siblings, but at least you grew up with them and are comfortable sharing a living space. Living in dorms, and with other people that you may have never met before, can be freaky and nerve-wrecking, but once you get used to it it’s actually one of the best parts about college in my opinion. You get to make new friends and you get to live with them! How cool is that?! My roommates have definitely become some of my best friends. We may fight, steal each others food, or yell at each other, but we also know that we have each others back whenever we need it. And trust me—we’ve needed it.

The next difference is pretty vital—food. In high school, they probably served everyone crappy food that was days or even weeks old (and could have probably walked off on it’s own). But, in college you have more options of places to eat and way more variety of foods to choose from. Hungry for pizza, mac ‘n cheese, ice cream, and maybe some Asian food? Just go to a dining hall or Baker and get all that and more! But don’t go to Boyd. Just…yeah, don’t do it.

As I mentioned before, the professors are not as lenient on due dates or excuses as to why you showed up 20 minutes late to class. You may have gotten away with that in high school, but don’t even think about asking a professor about getting an extension on a paper or project in college because they will just look at you and laugh. You get your syllabus on the first day of classes and you better pay attention to those due dates because they won’t be reminding you every class when the next thing is due.

The big thing, and probably the most important in my opinion, is managing your time wisely. You may have come to college thinking that there’s time for partying and drinking every night, and sure if you want to fail out of college in your first semester, go right ahead and do that. But, if you plan on getting decent grades and not being in debt for the rest of your life for no good reason, you have to go to class, do your homework, and maybe even work a few hours a week. Time management may have been slightly introduced to you in high school, but in college it is a must. You don’t have parents or teachers telling you what needs to get done and when—you are responsible for that yourself.

There’s a quote that I tend to find myself thinking about daily and that is, “Do one thing every day that scares you”. College is all about getting out of your comfort zone, so try new things and push your limits!

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