13Fest preview: Who’s ready for Athens?

Can't wait. Photo by The Number Fest.

Can’t wait. Photo by The Number Fest.

Yes, the year just started, but you know what I’m already excited for? 15,000 college kids being annoying and under the influence in one place!

No, but seriously. The guys over at The Number Fest began tweeting some pretty exciting suggestions as to who they should bring next year to 13Fest. So who are they? We gathered together a little roundup of the different types of acts, from the obvious choices to the ones you may not be familiar with.

Who dey?

Walk The Moon

Walk The Moon is next in line. This Cincinnati band has been on the rise for quite a while now and just recently finished their opening gig for Panic! At the Disco’s Gospel Tour. This band is incredibly dancey, free and fun. Going to a Walk The Moon show guarantees massive amounts of face paint and infectious and well crafted dance rock. Hands down, an amazing live show and intimate and genuine feel. This band would be a great option, imagine thousands of young adults, all with face paint, dancing, celebrating life…yas. – Kim Reynolds

Travis Scott

Travis Scott may be mostly known for his production contribution to Kanye West’s Yeezus, but he’s a pretty impressive rapper in his own right. Case in point: His mixtape Days Before Rodeo. It’s 12 tracks of the kind of hip hop that personally I can’t stop replaying. He steps back from production on this one, but whoever he’s got making his beats definitely should continue. He’s also a pretty frequent collaborator with The 1975, another possible act for next year. – Taijuan Moorman


G-Eazy is the epitome of the term “hipster rapper.” Fortunately for him, I kind of love hipster rappers. I mean, there’s nothing particularly special about him, except the fact that he’s a white rapper who always wears a leather jacket. Between you and me, that’s part of the reason I listen to him.

The other part of it is the song above. Featuring NYLO and produced by blackbear, I loved the song before I even heard it. And his soothing flow only adds to the track. His song “I Mean It” is also fairly popular, too. – Taijuan Moorman

Twenty One Pilots

If you’re from Ohio, this name seems to be inescapable, especially from the mouths of hipsters. However there is credit in all this talk. Having seen this band 5 times over the course of four years, they are truly an amazing band. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn are the duo that makes up Twenty One Pilots and their music can be described as electronic rap, hardcore, synth, and many other descriptors. This band is growing massively because of their quality career of creating positive and thought provoking music and pairing it with high energy shows, with several tricks in their bag. They have also been covering artists like Lana Del Ray and Beyoncé, so 13 Fest would be in good hands. – Kim Reynolds

Party Starters


Diplo is like the Zuckerberg of pop EDM. He may be the individual most responsible for appropriating dancehall reggae music and inserting it into the lexicon of producers everywhere. A mastermind behind many artists, Diplo was one of the founders of Major Lazer, and his label, Mad Decent, boasts some of the biggest recent names in popular EDM such as Baauer, Rusko and Zeds Dead. DJ Snake, another 13Fest prospect, also calls Mad Decent home. Just ignore the fact that Riff Raff also hails from the fam, his fest chance has come and gone.

It doesn’t look too likely, but if Diplo comes to Athens it will be a party to end all parties in the partiest college town. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see everyone expressing themself? – Isaac Noland


Even if you abhor some music fads such as trap-EDM, you can like Flosstra. The duo has taken the snared-out heavy-hitting genre to ridiculous heights. Their songs are too much fun and would get everybody nice and rowdy at 13Fest. – Isaac Noland


A-Trak, like Diplo is a mastermind behind a big label, this time Fool’s Gold. FG is home to a huge variety of fun acts, from Chromeo to Danny Brown to Lil B, even the aforementioned Flosstradamus. A-Trak is part of the super-duo Duck Sauce with Armand van Helden, famous for their hit “Barbra Streisand.” He is also one-half of Low Pros with producer Lex Luger. If A-Trak were somehow to make it to 13Fest, I would pray for a surprise Cam’ron appearance, considering A-Trizzy and FG collaborated with Dipset for Cam’ron’s recent album, “Federal Reserve.” -Isaac Noland

The obvious choices

Childish Gambino

This name comes with a number of reaction and associations. Childish Gambino is Donald Glover, creative thinker, musician, artist, rapper, comedian, actor, and many other titles. Childish Gambino is the leader of trendy, not-so underground rap, but for excellent reasons. Gambino doesn’t play around, his music and lyrics are delivered with amazing power. Songs like “Heartbeat,” “Bonfire,” and “Sweatpants” are massive hype songs that make you feel like you own the whole fucking world. It’s empowering music, and there is no talk of fucking bitches or getting money. He’s down to earth, and he understands his job is to perform and puts his heart and soul into every jam. He also has an impressive freestyle game, and would probably work OU into rap, which would probably be enough bragging rights for the many years following. – Kim Reynolds

Kid Cudi

Cleveland native Kid Cudi hasn’t been very active to “Pursuit of Happiness” fans, but if you’ve really been paying attention, Mr. Rager has been regularly supplying music since then, with the albums WZRD, Indicud and last April’s Satellite Flight. If I’m being honest, Satellite Flight could have been a lot better, and some may not receive Cudi’s rock-infused WZRD as well as others. But Indicud as well as his already classic Man On The Moon album series, will most definitely promise a good night. I mean, just imagine all of Athens rocking out to “Day N’ Nite” and “Erase Me.” It’ll be a trip to the stars. – Taijuan Moorman

Totally could happen

Chance the Rapper

Acid Rap rocketed Chance the Rapper into our collective consciousness with interesting storytelling and a new vibe that made me think of hearing Cudi for the first time. Things haven’t slowed down for him since, and the time is right for a fest appearance from this guy. – Isaac Noland

Schoolboy Q

Oxymoron was huge, powered by snarling delivery and some seriously wild beats. The production alone could fuel a fun as hell 13Fest. Definitely a strong contender. – Isaac Noland

A$AP Rocky

Rocky has been doing well for years now, collaborating across genres with acts such as Lana Del Rey and Skrillex. He would definitely be up for taking on the crowd at 13Fest which will most likely be full of people who have heard a ton of his songs. A$AP Rocky would be a shoo-in for a fest slot, but he may not be down with the mud. Might get his designer clothes dirty. – Isaac Noland

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