They casted who? Surprising news regarding “Paper Towns” lead


From the pages to the screen. Photo Credit: Amazon

For fans of “The Fault in Our Stars” John Green’s next big screen adaptation is well on it’s way to becoming a reality. “Paper Towns,” released in 2008, is set to have a release date of late July 2015. The announcement of the male lead, which came out earlier this year when the project was first announced, will be played by supporting TFIOS actor Nat Wolff. Wolff seemed to make perfect sense for the project, being able to capture the sweet and sensitive sides of main character Quentin Jacobson.

Yesterday the announcement came in of who would be playing Margo Roth Spiegleman, the one who captures Quentin’s heart and motivates much of the storyline. And the choice is shocking.


Margo? Is that you? Photo Credit:

Cara Delevinge, a model most known for her work in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, has been casted to play the mysterious Margo.

While we have never seen Delevinge act, so we can’t judge her skills, it just seems like such an odd fit. Margo is described as well as portrayed on many of the “Paper Towns” book covers to have short dark hair and more of a punk vibe to her. When we see Delevinge, all we think is supermodel. Will she be able to pass for a teenager, considering she looks so mature beyond her mere twenty-two years? Will that impact her romantic chemistry with Wolff? That fact is a little overwhelming for fans of the book, who want it to be absolutely perfect.

We had many other actresses in mind for this part, and Delevinge would have never crossed our minds. Here were some of our guesses for the role of the crazy Margo Roth Spiegleman:

1. Liana Liberato:

The brunette beauty is well-known among the indie scene for her haunting lead role in 2011’s “Trust.” She fits the description of Margo fairly well, and has a voice that sounds haunting enough to give Margo’s mystery persona. She also has worked with Wolff before, playing his troubled girlfriend in “Stuck in Love” in 2012. The two definitely had romantic chemistry and it seems as if it would’ve been a good fit.

2. Chole Grace Moretz: 

Seems as if she has been everywhere these days, but she makes sense for the role. Fresh off the young adult success of “If I Stay,” it would’ve made sense for her to move straight into “Paper Towns.” Plus if “Kick Ass” is any indication, we know she can play a character with spunk.

3. Mae Whitman: 

Best known for her roles in “Parenthood” and “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” Whitman was rumored to play Margo. Her short dark hair and slightly punk persona makes sense. Her television work has also proven that she has what it takes to tackle gritty, emotional scenes. She also looks much younger than she is, so passing for a teenager wouldn’t be a problem.

While this casting has come as a shock, according to multiple sources Delevinge nailed her audition. John Green has announced the news and seems to be happy about it. And if he’s happy, then fans of him should be too…at least until we can see the movie for ourselves.

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