Becoming A Bobcat: Athens is Your New Home

Let’s just be honest; college is hard. It’s hard as shit. And I’m sure it is way more difficult than you expected (and if it’s not… please tutor me). Sometimes the stress gets the best of us and we just want to go home to get away from everything. Although, I’m not sure why we think that will relieve our stress, because my family just makes me even more stressed out. But hey, that’s just me.

When you go home though, you miss out on the fun parts about being a Bobcat! Number 1: Athens is such a beautiful place and you all get to live here! Why would you ever want to leave?! If you’re feeling stressed out, just go on a walk or go to Chipotle because Chipotle is liffeeeeee.

We have Court Street with tons of amazing places to eat; Good Fellas Pizza, Donkey Coffee, Bagel Street Deli, Habibi’s, Big Mama’s, Wings Over, and of course Insomnia Cookies (which is to die for)!

There are also a lot of activities that you miss our on when you go home. Like football games, craft nights, parties (if you’re into that), and just being here to spend time with your fellow Bobcats.

How many of you chose to attend to OU partly because of the beautiful campus? I know that was a big part of my decision. It just felt right; it felt like home. But, how many of you actually get the chance to appreciate it during the week? You probably don’t even think about it on the way to your classes. So the weekend is prime time to go out and take a walk around! Go explore a part of campus that is unfamiliar with you and maybe you’ll find a new place to study or hang out with your friends!

Going home is completely fine every once in a while and when you feel like you need a break, but just try not to make a habit of it because you miss out on a lot of what college is about.

Home may be where the heart is, but as most Bobcats can agree, their heart is here—in Athens.

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