You can only fall down so many times

I’m a klutz. There’s no way around it, I constantly trip over curbs, cracks in the sidewalk and my very own traitorous feet. It’s something that hasn’t bothered me for a very long time, though.

I remember one very vivid memory from eighth grade, it was the third week of school and I was rushing between math and health. I was practically running down the stairs, attempting to avoid being late (even in 8th grade, I was a nerd) when I felt the terrible moment of my heel hitting the edge of the stair and instantly I knew I was going down. I slid down the bottom half of the stairs on my butt, surrounded by other middle schoolers who all had astonished looks on their faces, which quickly turned into smiles and then laughter.

I expected my face to turn red, and to feel the humiliation that usually accompanies someone falling down. Surprisingly, none of that happened. I stood up and realized that I didn’t care. By that time in my life, I was used to falling down, and I suppose that I got to the point when I stopped getting embarrassed. It’s just something that I knew I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life, and I was right. I’m almost 20, and I still fall down, knock things over, run into doors/walls/tables/other objects on a regular basis. I’ve accepted that it’s a part of who I am.

When I finally got over the embarrassment of being clumsy, I also realized that I should never have to apologize, or try to hide any part of myself. It’s a cliche that my parents always told me growing up, but if someone doesn’t like you for you, then find someone who does. I’m to the point that while I do hope others view me in a positive light, I’m done worrying about it. I’m happy with the person that I am, (even if that person is a book nerd, a pinterest addict, a rom-com lover, and a million other things).

So take this advice from the girl who fell walking out of her dorm today: love yourself, be happy with who you are, and don’t change for anyone. Pick yourself up when you fall (literally and figuratively) and you’ll eventually see that the important part of falling, in both life and onto the ground, is being able to pick yourself back up.

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