Becoming A Bobcat: Long Distance Relationships- The Real Struggle



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You may hear “long distance relationships” and either A) Cringe or B) Roll your eyes, but I’m here to give you my thoughts and advice about how to be in a healthy long distance relationship. I’m not going to lie and tell you that it’s wonderful and no problems will arise because of the situation; I’m simply going to tell you what it has been like for me.

Depending on how far away your significant other is, you may be able to see them every weekend or you may have to go a few weeks or even months without them by your side. That is the hardest part—being away from each other. You never really know when you’ll see each other next, and when you figure it out, you count down the weeks and days until you can finally be together again and it’s all you can think about.

Although, fights are hard to solve because the only means of communicating are through texting or calling. And let’s be honest—how many fights truly get solved over texting? You can try to talk it out and you may think everything is okay, but when you hang up the phone or end the conversation, your eyes tear up and you realize that you can’t really be sure if it is okay or not. You can’t see the other persons’ face after the conversation and you can’t tell their tone of voice over a text message.

It’s so frustrating when school is stressing you out and all you want is to cuddle with or cry to or just be with them. They are your best stress reliever and yet, you have no choice but to stick it out and suck it up without them. You can text, call, and FaceTime all you want, but nothing compares to being with them in person. FaceTime seems to be our favorite because it’s the closest thing to being with each other as possible. You get to see each other and talk but you can’t touch them.

It seems corny and cheesy, but every time I miss my boyfriend,  I just lie down and listen to songs that remind me of him and it makes me feel connected with him. There are ways to feel connected to them even though you aren’t physically with them: you can write letters to each other, send them random gifts, or simply listen to a song that reminds you of them. Although it does hurt to be away from them, you can still find ways to connect with them.

But what makes it all worth it? The hug when you finally get to see them–that is indescribable. I never want to let go of him when I see him after a long time apart! The feeling of being in their arms, kissing their lips, and being interlaced while cuddling makes your heart jump and smile.

Long distance relationships will test your trust, your independence, but also your love for your significant other. If you can get through a long distance relationship, I believe that you can overcome any other obstacles the relationship may encounter in the future. I know in my heart that my relationship is worth the distance and all the other crap that isn’t too fun to deal with because seeing him whenever I can, makes it all worth it.

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