“Gone Girl” graces movie-goers with Affleck’s bare booty (and partial insanity)

Ben Affleck aka Dreamy McBiceps  Photo from fastcocreate.com

Ben Affleck aka Dreamy McBiceps. Photo from fastcocreate.com

Warning: some spoilers ahead. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks (or binge-watching the last season of “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix – totally not judging), you know that the highly anticipated book-turned-movie, “Gone Girl,” was released this past weekend. For those who read Gillian Flynn’s book and for those who claimed they did, “Gone Girl” did not disappoint.

Laray Mayfield, “Gone Girl’s” casting director, knocked it out of the park, and considering her successful track record (“House of Cards,” “Fight Club,” and “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” to name a few), nothing less should have been expected. Flynn’s Nick Dunn was played by Dreamy McBiceps aka Ben Affleck whose smug smile could compel even the most passive of people to want to punch him in the face.

Rosamund Pike, ex-Bond girl and British babe, rocked it out as Amy Elliott Dunn, Nick’s wife/crazy bitch who impeccably fakes her own death, frames her own husband and slits Neil Patrick Harris’ throat.

Tyler Perry takes the role of Tanner Bolt, Nick Dunn’s lifesaver of a lawyer. He also, at no point in the movie, is dressed in drag, which is equal parts disappointing and refreshing. Neil Patrick Harris was cast as Desi Collings, Amy’s estranged stalker boyfriend. He wasn’t Barney Stinson, so that was weird/confusing/disappointing.

While the movie does deviate from Flynn’s book, it does so only slightly. The most noticeable deviance is a lack of Amy’s backstory, which is kinda important in understanding Amy’s f-ed up mental state and character, in general. In Flynn’s book, Amy is the end result of a devastating series of miscarriages and feels pressured to give her parents everything they ever wanted in a daughter. The movie does, however, accurately depict the pressure Amy feels to live up to Amazing Amy, the main character in her parents’ successful Amy-based children’s book series, who, according to Amy, is always “one step ahead of her.”

Dreamy McBiceps and Crazy Bittch  Photo from glamour.com

Dreamy McBiceps and Crazy Bitch. 
Photo from glamour.com

Amy’s history of batshit shenanigans as a child goes unmentioned as well. While we do hear from Tommy O’Hara (played by Scoot McNairy,*swoon*), Amy’s ex-boyfriend who she falsely accuses of rape, we do not hear from her high school frenemy, whose life Amy basically destroyed. In the book, in order to get even, Amy cracks her own ribs *cringe* and accuses her friend of throwing her down a flight of stairs.
In the movie, the fact that Nick is just as deranged as Amy goes unmentioned. At the end of the movie, Nick is inaccurately portrayed as a victim of Amy’s antics when in the book, Nick is just as crazy for staying with her. In the words of Forrest Gump, “crazy is as crazy does” (or something like that???).

All in all, “Gone Girl”, kicked ass. The cast delivered an absolutely incredible performance. Ben Affleck may have very well stepped out of the pages of Flynn’s book and Rosamund Pike breathed complete (but brilliant) insanity into Amy Dunn.

But most importantly, Ben Affleck gets nakey, which should be a movie in and of itself.

Speakeasy Verdict: A

Did “Gone Girl” live up to the hype? Let us know @Speakeasymag!

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