Homecoming vs. Homecoming: The differences in high school and college

Let the festivities begin! Photo Credit: athensohio.com

Let the festivities begin! Photo Credit: athensohio.com

Ah, Homecoming: A word that has been quite familiar to all of us since our days as wide-eyed high school freshman. This event used to mean heading to Macy’s and buying a mock-cocktail dress in the Junior’s department, corsages, and float-building contests. Once you get to college, however, the meaning of “Homecoming” can entirely change. Fresh off of coming here at OU, it’s pretty clear that the differences between high school and college homecoming are evident. Here’s what makes college homecoming entirely different (and most likely better) then your high school days:

1. There is no dance: Now, there was always some fun in dressing up and dancing in your high school’s cafeteria. But in college, it is a bit of a relief to know that the main activities are usually at bars and that you are most likely enjoying the music you’re listening to if any is being played. That also means any pictures you take are voluntary, which means your parents’ amateur photography skills get to be put to rest. Facebook will thank you for this, college Homecoming.

Thank goodness these days are over. Photo Credit: Blogspott.

Thank goodness these days are over. Photo Credit: Blogspott.

2. People actually come home: In high school it was always confusing on why it was called a homecoming; everyone who attended was already home. Once you get to college, it’s almost shocking how many alums you see around campus and how happy they are to be back at OU. It makes you look forward to the days where you’ll return back to campus, still feeling like as much of a Bobcat as ever.

3. It lasts all week: Instead of a weekend, it seems that during the week of Homecoming you can’t escape the spirit anywhere you go even if you try. But that’s okay. It gets everyone excited and prepares you for the madness that is going to ensue when it really gets going during the weekend.

4. Everyone is proud to have school spirit: In high school, school spirit is often debated on whether or not it’s something that you’d want to be proud of. However in college, it feels right. You’ve picked this school. It makes sense and is fully welcome to show some pride. So go Bobcats. Show your pride.

Think there are any other major differences with high school and college homecomings? Let us know in the comments!

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