Becoming A Bobcat: Your home away from home


The gate to your future!

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Living away from home has been really hard for me in some ways, but easy in other ways. I’ve had to learn how to manage my time, my money, and my emotions (the later being the hardest for me). I do have an advantage because my sister and her friends are all seniors here at OU, but they can’t help me with every little thing. This is my first experience with living away from home and although it has proven to be hard, I’ve also had some really great times.

There are days when I absolutely LOVE living in Athens and attending OU, and others when I want nothing more than to go home—like last week. I have mental breakdowns far too often and I feel like I don’t get nearly enough sleep. It’s really frustrating not having a major and feeling like I’m wasting my time and money–but hey, I’m still happy to be a Bobcat!

Classwork stresses me out enough let alone adding a part-time job into the mix. I really love my job though – I coach at a gymnastics club in Nelsonville—and I wouldn’t give that up for anything. Sure, it may be harder for me to get to sleep on time, but I’m okay with that as long as I still get to do what I love. I just have to manage my time even more efficiently than other students; I have to plan ahead in order to get things done by the due dates.

I hardly ever go to the dining halls so I won’t be much help with advising much on that matter. The market is just so much more convenient for me! Oh, and since I live on West green, Boyd is the closest dining hall and you probably understand why I don’t go there much.

I’ll share one good moment and one bad moment with you! Okay, good: this past weekend—Homecoming! Even though I didn’t go out to the bars and I didn’t make it to the game, I still had a great time! Every member of the Bobcat family sure was happy to be here! I went to the parade with my boyfriend and my friends and watched drunk people yell stuff out and it was actually quite hilarious. This one girl kept going into the street and picking up candy and beads that people in the parade had left behind. I thought she was going to get hit by a car or ran over by a unicyclist! Drunk people are better entertainment than cable—you never know what’s going to happen next!

And now for the bad. Well, as I said before—I don’t have a major picked yet and it stresses me out a lot thinking about it. So one day last week I was just really tired and stressed out about classes and I missed my family and friends and all I wanted was to be back home. I begged my sister to let me take her car home that weekend and she told me no. Needless to say, I was pissed. But now, looking back, I am really glad she didn’t let me go home because then I would have missed out on Homecoming in Athens. I guess big sisters are good for something.


My sister and me from my high school graduation. I’d be lost without her! Everyone should have someone to look up to and she is my role model.

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