Local electronic duo 2HighCrew looks to go Loko this HallOUween

Entel, left, and CHENKE, right, performing together

Entel, left, and CHENKE, right, performing together

Those looking for some kickass electronic this HallOUween: head over to the Lokoween stage at 9:30 p.m. tomorrow to see 2HighCrew, a duo comprised of local DJs Entel and CHENKE.

Anthony Bergamesca, AKA Entel, is a senior Audio Production major here at OU. Fellow Bobcat Chris Henke, or CHENKE, is a junior majoring in Information and Telecommunication Systems.

While both Entel and CHENKE have been rocking house parties and bars for some time, four and three years, respectively, the idea of 2HighCrew is somewhat new. Entel plays progressive house and trance music, while CHENKE prefers the heavy bass of trap music.

The contrast in musical style is an advantage rather than an obstacle for the two.

“It allows us to mesh our two styles and experiment with genres we don’t normally play, which makes for really fun sets,” Entel said.

Entel playing a set at the Lokoween stage during last year's HallOUween

Entel playing a set at the Lokoween stage during last year’s HallOUween

The official moniker of 2HighCrew may be recently conceived, but the duo has played house parties together on-and-off for the past two years. This is the biggest event they have played thus far, but 2HighCrew seems poised for the challenge.

“We want to give people an experience that they won’t forget,” CHENKE said, “We consistently want to keep the energy up.”

With differing styles in music, the duo often relies on spontaneity when performing. They feed off each other’s energy and often improvise during the show. They have been hard at work preparing for the show, but admit that they don’t know exactly what’s in store until they take the stage.

“What makes 2HighCrew awesome is that mid-show I can be mixing a song and Chris will jump in and sample something on the spot,” Entel said, “We just go with the flow and read the crowd.”

Those in attendance should expect a variety of music to hit their eardrums. 2HighCrew plays techno, house, trap/twerk, trance and everything in between. There’s a little something for everyone–even those who don’t care for electronic music.

As for what costumes the duo will be sporting, CHENKE simply stated, “We’re chefs that cook mad beats.”

If you want to know see what 2HighCrew is stirring up, be sure to make plans to visit the Lokoween stage tomorrow. The full Lokoween stage line up is shown below:


Excited for the big show and block party tomorrow night? Tweet at us @Speakeasymag

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