Becoming A Bobcat: Before and after HallOUween!


October, 23 2014

I honestly have no clue what to expect this weekend.. like at all. I just decided what I was being this week, and finished getting everything I needed on Wednesday! Cutting it close? I think so. I was worried I was going to have to just buy a mask and go as basically nothing but a plastic thing on my face that may occasionally scare people.



October, 27 2014

Well, I am still alive. I went to my first college party, which was more like a kickback. But hey! It’s still college and it was definitely a party! Go me!

I also got someone arrested. Oops. A guy didn’t look too good–like throwing up and staggering around. The big thing was he was by himself so I kept an eye on him for a while and then decided to tell the cops that he didn’t look so good. I definitely felt bad after I saw him getting put in handcuffs, but I like to think that I saved his life or at least saved him from getting arrested later that night. So, fellow Bobcat, I am sorry but I don’t regret it.

Overall, HallOUween was great! Usually going out and being around that many people isn’t my thing, but I had a great time! I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait for next year’s HallOUween! Bring it on!

Below is a picture of my best friend as Minnie Mouse, and my boyfriend and me as Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat (and yes, I know his hat isn’t yellow–we couldn’t find one)!





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