Suiting up for the next six years of superhero movies: Which ones to watch out for

superhero movies

How’s that for a slice of fried gold? Photo from ComicsAlliance.

Both DC and Marvel recently announced a slew of superhero movies to come out over the next six years. It’s jammed packed and chalk-full of new and old heroes alike. But if one thing’s for sure, it looks marvelous.

There’s a lot coming out that people don’t know and a lot that people can expect. Of all though, here’s the ones I’m most excited for, besides the ones we already knew about (“Age of Ultron,” “Batman vs. Superman,” “Ant-Man,” etc).

Captain America: Civil War – Marvel (May 6, 2016)


It’ll be hero vs. hero in a few years. Whose side are you on? Art by Steve McNiven.

Marvel’s Civil War is the comic that got me into comics many years ago. It’s the story of hero vs. hero, friend vs. friend, as the government decides every superhero has to turn in their identity and work for them. The movie may be a bit different though, as identities aren’t a big a part of the MCU. The biggest thing this movie has going for it is the return of the kick-ass creative team that made Marvel’s best movie yet, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Returning directors Joe and Anthony Russo are to helm the film, with a script from writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Not only will the cast return too, but it’s got the welcomed additions of Robert Downey Jr. and Chadwick Boseman, who will be portraying Black Panther for the first time on screen. As far as game-changers go, this could be the big one that propels us into Marvel’s third phase of films after “Age of Ultron.”

Suicide Squad – DC (August 5th, 2016)


“This ain’t a team…it’s a suicide squad!” – Deadshot, probably. Art by Patrick Zircher.

The plot is simple: Either they rot in jail, or they gain their freedom by going on a suicide mission for the government. Starring DC’s B-list mercenaries and villains, “Suicide Squad” will be a different type of superhero flick. Helmed by David Ayer (“Fury”), this one’s about the bad guys. The government offers them all an out from their sentences: Succeed in a mission that’s got almost zero chance of survival. With characters like Captain Boomerang, Deadshot and Harley Quinn (hey, a man can hope) in the catalogue, it’ll be a “Dirty Dozen” for the new age.

Doctor Strange – Marvel (November 4th, 2016)


Ain’t no wands and broomsticks here, kiddos. Art by Gabriele Dell’Otto.

Marvel’s head honcho Kevin Fiege describes this movie as an “acid trip.” Doctor Strange is the sorcerer supreme of the Marvel universe. That being said, this one’s going to be something very different. Directed by Scott Derrickson (“Sinister”), and allegedly starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role, we can only hope it’ll be half as fun as it sounds. Why am I so excited? Because magic freaking rules. I’m not talking about that Harry Potter flick of a wand BS. I’m talking MAGIC. Just wait until this movie comes out. You’ll see.

Captain Marvel – Marvel (July 6th, 2018)


Is that Starbuck? No, but it should be. Art by Jamie McKelvie.

Captain Marvel is just plain badass. She’ll also be Marvel’s first full-blown female lead, (Sorry, Scarlet). Here’s her deal: She can fly, she can shoot and she could totally beat Wonder Woman in a brawl. She’s a newer character in the comics these days, having just taken on the mantel of Captain Marvel in recent years. This leaves a lot to be explored, and hopefully we’ll see a lot of her in the rest of the Marvel movies. And if she isn’t played by Katee Sackhoff, this writer will complain until the movie comes out and is proven wrong.

Inhumans – Marvel (November 2nd, 2018)


That guy in the middle? He means business. Art by Jae Lee.

Marvel’s Inhumans are the coolest mutants Disney owns the rights to. Once humans, they were experimented on until they became, well, in-human. Black Bolt (totally gonna be Vin Diesel), a man who stays silent because his voice can shatter mountains, leads this team of meta-humans around the galaxy and even to earth. It’s pretty far off, but seeds are being planted all around, and one can bet they’ll tie in to a certain Star-Lord pretty soon.

Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 (May 4th, 2018) and 2 ( May 3rd, 2019)


Pro tip: Don’t give a titan the most powerful weapon in the universe. Art by George Perez.

A mad Titan obsessed with Death. A gauntlet with infinite powers. The end of the path we started in 2008 with “Iron Man.” What more needs said?

What are you excited for? What aren’t you excited for? Do you think I’m just a Marvel fanboy? What’s wrong with that? Where’s that damn Gambit movie we were promised? Tweet us @speakeasymag and let us know!

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