Concert etiquette in 2014: How not to be a douche

The concert I most recently attended was Chance the Rapper at Kent State. The show was absolutely amazing, Chance is a great performer, but everything leading up to it was pure hell. I was reminded of all the shit I hate in crowds so here’s six ways to be a good person at a concert.

1. DO NOT PUSH – I know this one is hard to avoid, but there is no place to go; we are all in this together. Also, I’d really rather not get felt up by more strangers than necessary.


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2. You actually don’t have a friend waiting for you “up there” – People will be reluctant to let you in front of them if you claim your friends, cousins and siblings are right there, just in front of you.


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3. Don’t plan to bring up 15 people to meet you – This goes back to the space thing, there really isn’t any.


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4. Don’t kill the pregame – Nothing makes everyone more uncomfortable than being around someone who may vomit or die at any moment.


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5. Do not get all intimate at a concert – I have been behind too many couples trying to get in on right in front of me. All I want is to see the show, not an adult film starring you and your girlfriend.

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6. Don’t film it, experience it – Don’t be the person that is blocking everyone just to get a ninth snap chat video. Put the phone down and experience the greatness that is a concert. Also avoid filming with an iPad.


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If we all work together, we can make a better tomorrow. Obama said it himself: “Yes We Can.”


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Do you feeling like ranting on annoying concert-goers? Let us know @speakeasymag on twitter and in the comments below!

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