Sporkeasy: Thanksgiving leftover monster-club sandwich

The Thanksgiving meal tradition is one of the hardest to break. Despite myriad options, families across the nation HAVE to have turkey. If the turkey’s around then you can’t skip out on the mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry relish and stuffing, either. We get excited for it as we do every year and dig in with fervor, until we start to slow down like Adam Richman after an ill-worded social media post. I mean 5 -pound plate of ribs.

Then, we find ourselves staring straight into the hell-void of Thanksgiving leftovers. The eternal slog. Boring sandwiches, turkey a la king, whatever-it-is you can do with stuffing. The same punishment year after year for our adherence to tradition.

This is not a warning; I know there’s nothing anyone could do to stop you from having the mainstreamed feast of the pilgrims. But, we can help you deal with the aftermath. All at once, in one glorious, heaping stack.

Yessir; that’s a big club sandwich. With fried homemade mac’ n’ cheese balls on the side. Not the average leftover turkey sandwich. Let’s see how it’s done.

The only thing to do here (besides stacking) is make the leftover-potato pancake layer. Now, you could just smear some potatoes on there, but that would be gross and not as fun. So we made cheesy potato pancakes.

Take your leftover potatoes and add about 1 tablespoon of flour for every cup of potatoes. Add an egg for every 2-3 cups. Mix in some cheese and extra additions if you’d like (we used pumpkin gouda). Form the mixture into balls and squash down. Fry in hot shallow oil, for about five minutes each side (flip ’em, duh) or until crispy. Don’t move them around in the pan too much when you put them in or just after flipping; they need to sit and cook a bit to get a crispy exterior. Use some potato mix to test out the exact process on your stove.

Here’s how the ingredients are stacked, from bottom to top. Bread (lightly toasted), gravy, lettuce, turkey, relish, dressing, potato pancake, gravy, lettuce, turkey, relish, bread. The dressing and potato pancake work together to replace that third bread slice you would see in a big club. If you really wanna get crazy, crisp up some turkey skins in a pan and put them in like pieces of bacon.

Now, for the bonus. Chances are, some of you will also have a little mac ‘n’ cheese in attendance this turkey day. Well, lucky you.

Take the leftover mac and shape it into balls about an inch in diameter. Put in the freezer for a couple hours.

DSC_8046Mix together an egg or two (whatever it takes) and about a tablespoon of milk per egg. Get some breadcrumbs and season those suckers. Coat each ball in the egg wash and cover them in the breadcrumbs. Fry those babies in hot oil (deep enough to cover them) until GBD. That means golden, brown and delicious. They will surely be that. Serve with sriracha.


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