Merry Jewmas! A Jew’s guide to the perfect Christmas

Tastes like the holidays, alright.

Tastes like the holidays, alright. Photo Credit: Google.

For most, the way to celebrate Christmas is a no-brainer, right? You got your tree, your Christmas cookies, your lights. Pretty simple right? Well what about for the rest of us? For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s not that easy to use the day the way everyone else does. Your parents most likely won’t let you get a tree (trust me, I’ve tried for years), and you won’t get to open all those presents Christmas morning. So, to make the day a success you have to get creative.

So here I present you with the Jew’s Guide to a Perfect Christmas:

Order Chinese food: My family typically does this on Christmas Eve, but whether you choose that or Christmas Day; it’s a must. The restaurants are all open, most likely filled with other Jews, and something about the delicious, salty goodness tastes extra festive this time of year. I recommend getting a ton to have leftovers to last you until New Years.

Photo by

Photo by

Pick a favorite Christmas movie to watch: Nothing to make your Jewish Christmas complete like a Christmas movie. After your Chinese feast, pick a favorite holiday flick to cuddle up with by the fire. Bonus points if it’s an obscure, rarely heard of Christmas movie. My personal recommendation is “Eloise at Christmas Time,” the 2003 made for TV movie starring Julie Andrews and an adorable little girl who ended up being on “Medium.”

3. Get out of the house to a real movie: Going to the movies on Christmas day is great. There’s usually something good that just came out, you can actually eat the popcorn as opposed to putting it on a tree, and if you’re feeling left out of some of the holiday cheer, at least you’re not the guy working at the movie theater.

See a Christmas Movie...or not.  Photo Credit: Pinterest

See a Christmas Movie…or not.
Photo Credit: Pinterest

4. Crash someone else’s Christmas party: You have to know enough Christmas celebrators to get in good somewhere. Whether it just for desert or the whole night, if you can find a party to go to, take advantage of the opportunity.

5. Embrace the Christmas Spirit: Celebrating another holiday this time of year can be tough sometimes. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be a grinch and hate Christmas time. It makes its presence known every year and that doesn’t mean we have to try our best to ignore it.





Tell us your whacky traditions! Comment below!

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