PLL Recap, Reaction, and Theories: “Fresh Meat” Season 5, Episode 15

Quote of the Night: “My buddy has verbal diarrhea. The back of a cereal box is more interesting than this girl.” –Hanna

To say last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was hot would be an understatement. Everyone was feeling the heat in Rosewood, especially Caleb. The biggest shocker of the episode was the hot, hot, hot hook up by two people you wouldn’t expect. (Warning, spoilers ahead)

Toby stays on his toes. Image from: ABC Family

Dang Ali, prison changed you. GIF from:

Ali is still professing her innocence to anyone that will listen. Toby runs into her sitting on a bench in jail. Too bad for Ali, Toby doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say because he thinks she framed Spencer. “Maybe you’ll finally get it when your girlfriend and her friends are chained to this bench too,” Ali warns him.

After that morbid warning, Toby goes to the high school to talk to the girls. They aren’t fooled by Ali and they think someone is helping her from the outside. Aria seems to think it’s Det. Holbrook aiding her. Remember how Holbrook was supposed to be on assignment? Apparently he’s back but had to take some personal time to care for his sick father. Hanna seems to think that if Holbrook is helping Ali, it’s only because she convinced him that she’s a victim.

Later, Toby tells Spencer that Lt. Tanner ordered another search behind Mona’s house. While searching, Toby comes across a knife. Toby looks stunned and later tells Spencer and Caleb that the knife belonged to his father. His family kept the knife in the same cabin that Caleb was living in. Spencer wants to get rid of the knife thinking that Ali planted it there. However Officer Toby wants to do “the right thing” and turn the knife into the police hoping it has one of Ali’s fingerprints on it. Caleb isn’t willing to take that risk considering he probably used the knife when he was staying in the cabin. The three agree to leave the knife where it is until they can come to a solution. Watching this show has made me suspicious of everything. If Rosewood PD searched the Vanderwaal backyard previously, how would no one else find the knife? It’s almost like it was placed there for Toby to find.

While on her college tour, Caleb calls Hanna and tells her about the knife found in Mona’s backyard. Who can really blame him though? That’s his girlfriend plus Hanna’s prints could be on it too. Hanna decides to ditch her talkative tour guide and takes off. You would think that Hanna would head back to Rosewood, but instead, she goes to a creepy trailer park to see Det. Holbrook’s dad. You know you’re in for trouble when the first thing you see is an old bearded man chopping up a dead animal. Hanna finds the trailer she’s looking for and knocks on the door. A less than pleasant James Holbrook tells her that he hasn’t seen his son in weeks. Mr. Holbrook seems to think Hanna is Ali because he assumes that she would know where his son is and asks her if she’s “out on bail.” Hanna books it out of there but when she returns to her car, she notices that the door is open. Inside, she finds the stuffed animal from her college visit. When I say that it’s a stuffed animal, I mean literally stuffed. Hanna pulls a thread and raw animal guts pour out of the poor bear.

Toby isn’t going to like this. Image from: ABC Family

Meanwhile, Spencer goes to Caleb’s apartment to yell at him for telling Hanna about the knife. She catches him preparing to go to the Vanderwaal house to search for the knife. Apparently, Caleb has already been suspected for murder when he was “just a kid” so he doesn’t want to risk another incident. Spencer, feeling bad for him, decides to go with him. When they get there, they quickly find the knife (seriously, how could real cops not find it before?).

I guess Caleb and Spencer initially made a plan to throw the knife into a lake, but Caleb was feeling paranoid so he didn’t do it. That’s probably smart because evidence doesn’t stay hidden in lakes for very long. Remember Wilden’s car? Caleb brings the knife back to Spencer’s house and the two decide to take it to the school and burn it in the kiln. After the two struggled to turn on the kiln, Caleb goes inside to put the knife in. He’s so focused that he doesn’t even realize that Spencer walked into the hallway after hearing a noise. As she leaves, the door slams shut behind Caleb and the kiln fires up. Luckily, Spencer returns in time and unlocks the door to let Caleb out. Both are unsure of two things: if the door closed accidentally and if the knife was still in there. Spencer turns the kiln back on anyway.

Is she relieved or afraid for her former friends? Image from:

After her terrifying trailer park experience, Hanna, annoyed, visits Ali in jail. Although, she makes it very clear that it’s not a pleasant visit. “I came to tell you one thing, give up,” Hanna says. Ali has no idea what Hanna is talking about and doesn’t even know about the knife they found. Ali tells Hanna that if she were really A, she’d have a better alibi. She says that on Thanksgiving, she went to see Cyrus. Yeah, I forgot about Ali’s scapegoat too. Ali says Cyrus called her freaked out so she agreed to meet him. After she waited hours for him, he never showed up. “It was only when I heard that Mona was missing that I realized this was a trap set by A,” Ali says.

The episode ended with Ali in her cell. She gets a note delivered through clean jumpsuits. “Your friends will see you soon.” Ali shows no emotion after reading the note. She did tell Toby that they were next though.

The Odd Couple

Can you say cougar?! GIF from:

If you say that you predicted Mrs. Marin and Jason hooking up, you’re lying. I totally forgot that Jason was even working for her. Jason tells Ashley that his dad kicked him out of the house after he sold Ali out to the cops. Ashley invites Jason over for dinner since she’s alone for the night. After dinner, the two lock eyes and Jason goes in for the kill. He gives her a kiss then apologizes. “Consider that a thank you for dinner,” Jason says. Ashley doesn’t mind being thanked and it appears she wants to thank him back. At the end of the episode, Hanna comes home to see two plates on the counter but no one downstairs. She sees Jason come down the stairs buttoning his shirt. It looks like Ashley gave him the big thank you. Hoo ha!

Slower Moments

  • After Paige’s dramatic departure, Emily struggles to keep their relationship alive. That’s a little hard for her to do when Paige doesn’t respond to any of her texts, calls, or emails. Emily wants to make some extra money to visit Paige over Spring Break so she offers to cater Ezra’s reopening of The Brew. Well, hair filled empanadas aren’t Ezra’s idea of good food so he hires Talia Sandoval, a chef. Talia’s food was so good that Ezra hires her to stay as The Brew’s chef.
  • Aria is still freaking out about college and it nearly sends her over the edge when she finds out  that even Hanna has gotten into several schools. After getting waitlisted from Talmadge, Aria decides to write a personal essay to the university. Ezra tells her that it won’t matter because his ex-girlfriend, Jackie, is an admissions counselor at the university. Aria takes personal too far and writes an essay basically saying that her relationship with Ezra was a big mistake, even though she doesn’t mean what she writes. Emily convinces her that her essay was the real mistake so Aria hunts Jackie down at Talmadge hoping she hasn’t read it yet. Jackie has already read the essay but told Aria not to worry about it. At The Brew’s party, she gets an email from Jackie saying she has been accepted into Talmadge. However, something good is always followed by something bad in Rosewood. Aria later finds a bookmark with an excerpt of her essay on it. Looks like someone has something over Aria.
  • Talia was not the only new character introduced this week. The Hastings decided to rent out their guest house to Johnny Raymond who was at The Brew’s party. “You don’t really want to live in our backyard. Someone was buried in it,” Spencer tells him. It was kind of strange that Johnny immediately walks up to Spencer and calls her Melissa.


  • Ali didn’t kill Mona. I’m staying with this one, especially after hearing Ali’s alibi. I think she is being set up by A.
  • Aria is A. The writers of this show are very tricky. Was it a red herring when Johnny called Aria “a really good liar?” Also, on last week’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, actress Lucy Hale revealed that no one will tell her who A is because she “wouldn’t keep it a secret.” Or, could it be that they want her to be surprised…
  • Holbrook is helping Ali. I’m going with Hanna’s theory. Holbrook is helping Ali but he’s intentions aren’t bad. I think he really wants to prove her supposed innocence.
  • A has the knife. Spencer didn’t confirm that the knife was still in the kiln. I know they usually show A steal evidence, but I think A went back to the kiln and grabbed the knife before it burned.
  • Don’t trust Johnny Raymond. Why would anyone want to live in the Hastings’ guest house? Something’s definitely up with that guy.

Let me know what you thought of last week’s episode and some of your PLL theories.

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