#Fest Preview: Curtis Williams

Photo courtesy of stupiddope.com

Photo courtesy of stupiddope.com

Atlanta-based rapper Curtis Williams is gaining traction in the hip-hop scene, and he’s got a chance to prove his potential in front of thousands of wild, drunk, screaming college students.

Time will tell. But with his partying-stoner persona, I like his chances.

Initially a part of the hip-hop collective Two-9, Williams recently released the mixtape Danco Jameswhich features a number of producers and well-known features.

Curtis Williams pictured with #Fest alum Wiz Khalifa. Photo courtesy of elitemuzick.net

Curtis Williams pictured with #Fest alum Wiz Khalifa. Photo courtesy of elitemuzick.net

The appropriately-named “Cheech & Chong” track features Juicy J and Project Pat (if you ever watched “Adventures in Hollyhood on MTV, you would know Pat is Juicy’s brother, and he’s hilarious). The tape also boasts a guest verse from 12Fest alum Wiz Khalifa. Overall, Williams puts in a respectable tape, with verses on point with the production.

Other notable tracks include *”Face It,” a spacey stoner anthem, and “Saturday Night,” which has a catchy chorus and a pretty kickass video.

One song that I don’t really f***k with is “Drip,” which features RiFF RaFF and production from industry stalwart Mike WiLL Made It. The track feels awkward, has an annoying chorus, and is entirely about getting women whacked out on cocaine.

That being said, Williams can spit, and his beats are what fest attendees are looking for. The fury of hi-hats and heavy bass will undoubtedly engulf the venue. The key is stage presence. If Williams can get the crowd amped up, 13Fest could get wild early.

For next week, I’ll be stickin’ with the rapper theme and give a preview of the talented-but-relatively-unknown Denzel Curry.




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