#Fest Preview: DJ Sliink and Branchez hope to set 13Fest ablaze with bass

After a week-long hiatus, I’ve returned with double the dosage of 13Fest artist coverage.

DJ Sliink

First up is 24-year-old DJ Sliink, a promising producer and DJ making moves in the East coast club scene.

Sliink hails from Newark, New Jersey, and his roots certainly influenced his style, which is predominantly Jersey club, as well as trap and house music.

Photo courtesy of fancypr.com

Photo courtesy of fancypr.com

With an arsenal of remixes and an eclectic taste in music, Sliink can go a number of different directions for 13Fest. A collab with Flosstradamus dubbed “Crowd CTRL” is a track I find perfect for the sea of inebriated attendees. The two simply went in on the track, turning out a trap banger that would surely fire up the crowd.

While Sliink produces some original content, he shines when incorporating his up-tempo rhythms with hip-hop and R & B records. His grimy take on Danny Brown’s “Smokin’ & Drinkin'” gained enough hype that Brown’s record label, Fool’s Gold, posted it to their official SoundCloud page.

Sliink also remixed Trey Songz’ “Na Na” and transformed a mellow track into a club anthem by increasing the BPM (or beats per minute) and adding a healthy helping of bass. He even branched out and tweaked Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On”, throwing in plenty of hi-hats and hand claps to the early 2000s mega-hit.

DJ Sliink is the final act on the inaugural Jägermeister stage this year where he will be looking to get bodies movin’ and groovin’.


Branchez plays a different brand of EDM than DJ Sliink, but, like Sliink, Branchez offers a diverse range of music and puts out impressive original tracks, as well as remixes.

By 2013, the NYC-based Branchez had made a splash in the EDM scene, with tracks featured on Skrillex’s BBC Essential Mix and 13Fest headliner Diplo’s playlist for NY Magazine.

Photo courtesy of pigeonsandplanes.com

Photo courtesy of pigeonsandplanes.com

However, Branchez completely blew up the industry with his remix of fellow electronic act What So Not’s “High You Are.” The remix incorporates the soothing vocals of the original with a hard, steady bassline that caught the attention of many in the EDM world. The track has tens of millions of hits on both SoundCloud and YouTube, which is f*****g insane considering the original has around 200k.

Aside from remixes, Branchez consistently puts out solid original production. His first breakthrough came with the track “Shake,” which features a club-oriented intro with layers of horns and sirens wailing before an impressive drop. Another track called “Probably” has a retro, soulful sample that is similar to the likes of Pretty Lights and Gramatik.

Hip-hop production is another venture that Branchez is familiar with. He produced an impressive instrumental for the track “The World” off of Casey Veggies and Rockie Fresh mixtape Fresh Veggies. 

For Branchez, 13Fest is a great spot to showcase his unique sound. With a knack for combining banging electronic elements and soothing melodies from other genres, Branchez can rock the crowd as the first act on the main stage.

Stay tuned for next week’s coverage! I’ll be up in the cut and choosy as I check out ILoveMakkonnen.


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