#Fest Preview: G-Eazy’s brand of music is perfect fit for college fest

G-Eazy chillin' in suspenders. Photo courtesy of tumblr.com

G-Eazy chillin’ in suspenders. Photo courtesy of tumblr.com

I remember when G-Eazy came through my hometown of Columbus, Ohio a little over two years ago. Dozens of high school girls from all over the city flocked to the sold out show, and endless Instagram pics ensued.

Thus is the life of rappers in the age of social media. Young people eat the shit up, and G-Eazy and others take advantage. He even has a track called “Tumblr Girls” if you need any more convincing.

G-Eazy is a rapper whose seen his fame, as well as his style, change considerably. The Bay-area product went from little known mixtape rapper who spit over songs straight out of a ‘50s burger shack to a bonafide star in the industry with bumping original production.

Album cover for G-Eazy's "These Things Happen". Photo courtesy of topicnow.info

Album cover for G-Eazy’s first album These Things Happen. Photo courtesy of topicnow.info

As far as lyrical ability, there is still some to be desired. The potential is there, but the result is often repetitive and not very challenging or unique. Take his hit “I Mean It” as an example. It’s a song with a bass-heavy beat, a corny auto-tuned hook and lyrics that seem like he sleepwalked through the writing process.

That being said, G-Eazy has put out some tight songs. “I be in the lab like dexter and you’re fake as polyester,” he confidently sneers on the track “The Outsider.” His BBC Radio 1 freestyle further showed me that he can spit and naturally fit his flow to a certain beat.

“Dear Ms. Rose” is another track that particularly impressed me. It features a smooth, soulful sample with G-Eazy rapping about women and relationship troubles.

In my honest opinion, G-Eazy is a less lyrical version of Logic, but with very good delivery in his rhymes and plenty of content to sift through. He’s not my favorite, but hell, I’m a snob when it comes to hip-hop.

What matters is the crowd’s opinion on April 18th, and in the age of Internet fandom and frat rap, G-Eazy is gonna have thousands of people singing’ along.

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