#Fest Preview: A Match Made in (Party) Heaven – OU and Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q at the mic. Photo courtesy of rap radar.com

Schoolboy Q at the mic. Photo courtesy of rapradar.com

Schoolboy Q said it best in closing lines of his hit song “Collard Greens” when he boasted, “smokin’ weed and drinkin’ all the college students lovin’ Q.”

Schoolboy Q is a party rapper whose hits cater to college kids looking to get f****ed up. 13Fest promoters knew this when they booked Q, as thousands will turn out solely to hear his set.

Schoolboy is part of a massive west coast hip-hop revival borne out of his record label, Top Dawg Entertainment. Along with label-mates Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock, Schoolboy has enjoyed mainstream success, and released “Oxymoron,” his first major label album, in February 2014.

Album cover for Oxymoron. Photo courtesy of stereo gum.com

Album cover for Oxymoron. Photo courtesy of stereogum.com

Oxymoron is full of radio-friendly songs like “Collard Greens” and “Man of the Year,” but there are some serious tracks as well. “Blind Threats” is an eerie description of Q’s drug-addled childhood that features Wu-Tang vet Raekwon. “Break the Bank” is an Alchemist-produced track that Schoolboy absolutely kills, effortlessly switching up his style and lyrics throughout.

Aside from “Oxymoron,” Schoolboy has released several independent albums including 2012’s “Habits and Contradictions.”

While “Oxymoron” branded Q as a gangster rapper with a wild side, “Habits and Contradictions” is a laid-back stoner tape packed with smooth instrumentals.

“Grooveline Pt. 1” is a soulful take featuring Curren$y and Dom Kennedy, while “Blessed” is an introspective joint featuring a verse from Black Hippy cohort Kendrick Lamar. The tape is not without its bangers, though. “Hands on the Wheel (featuring A$AP Rocky)” is a house party staple, and “THere He Go” is a track guaranteed to energize a crowd.

Roughly a year ago, I saw Schoolboy Q perform in Columbus, and I have to say, he’ll know exactly what to play to get the droves of drunken 13Fest attendees hyped up. With a nice balance of hard-hitting, serious tracks and rowdy radio anthems, I expect Q to put on the best show of 13Fest.



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