11 reasons why having sex and taking a shower are the same

Many college students (hopefully) shower on a regular basis and there are quite a few students are also sexually active. Whether or not you decide to partake in one, both or neither of these activities, take into consideration the similarities between the two.

1. When they’re hot enough, you’re left with red marks down your back.

2. They both do a great job of waking you up in the morning.

Reaction Jimmy Fallon animated GIF

3. When you live with other people, everyone is aware of when you’re doing both.

4. They’re both good for your health – reducing stress, helping headaches and clearing stuffy noses.

Greys Anatomy One animated GIF

5. They can both suck if it’s too cold.

6. Having clothes on makes them both significantly more difficult.

Justin Timberlake Cameron Diaz animated GIF

7. You might have to schedule time in the middle of the day for it.

8. There are nights when watching another episode on Netflix takes priority over both.

9. Both require the proper protection (shower shoes are a necessity for the residence halls).

10. Being drunk makes them both slightly more complicated.

Excited Emma Stone animated GIF

11. Sometimes, neither last as long as you might like.

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