(Most) MAC Football Players Wear Briefs

Never has the question “How’s it hanging?” been so literal.

At MAC Media Day 2015, I asked college football players an age-old question: “boxers or briefs?” More often than not, these student-athletes prefer their sausage and eggs to be firmly secured.

Boxers vs. Briefs

Note: boxer briefs count as briefs.

Toledo linebacker Trent Voss was very vocal about why he wears boxers.

“I feel like when I wear briefs, I get claustrophobic down there,” Voss said. “My guys need some room. I’ll admit that I’m wearing briefs now. I have one pair of briefs that I wear when I’m wearing a suit. I hate when they ride up.”

Either UMass quarterback Blake Frohnapfel scores as many touchdowns in the bedroom as he does on the gridiron or he’s just really concerned with what his underwear look like.

“I wear boxer briefs,” Frohnapfel said. “It’s a good mix between the fashion of the boxers and the comfort level of the briefs. I can wear them to be comfortable and look good.”

Multiple players, like Akron nose guard Cody Grice, shuddered at the thought of themselves wearing boxers.

“Boxers hurt me, man,” Grice said. “There’s no maneuverability. No support. Nothing.”

“I can’t wear boxers,” Eastern Michigan quarterback Reginald Bell said. “They give me wedgies.”

No players were willing to admit that they wear tighty-whities. Kent State guard Anthony Pruitt had to explain to his coach, Paul Hayes, that he was much cooler than that when Hayes believed his lineman wore white nut-huggers.

Bobcat LB Jovon Johnson doesn't wear real underwear. (Mark Zerof, USA Today Sports)

Bobcat LB Jovon Johnson doesn’t wear real underwear. (Mark Zerof, USA Today Sports)

“No, coach, they go low,” Pruitt insisted. “Not the tighty-whities! The boxer briefs go down the knee.”

  • Seventeen players were polled.
  • Two of the three boxer-wearers are quarterbacks.
  • Ohio’s Jovon Johnson says he wears neither, but opts for compression shorts at all times.

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