Hacker that exposed Steubenville case says “Steubenville 2.0 is happening” at Hocking College

Hocking College administration has been called out by the hacker that exposed Steubenville in the infamous rape case of 2012, Deric Lostutter.

Today at 3301 Hocking Parkway individuals are gathering to stand against corruption in Hocking administration in their handling of the recent reported gang rape at Hocking College. The protest is set to take place today from 8 a.m. to 8p.m. and to reconvene Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Esteemed hacktivist Deric Lostutter says Anonymous is coming for Hocking administration. Lostutter faces a potential 25 years in prison as a result of his exposure of key members in the Steubenville rape case in Anonymous’ operation RollRedRoll. He also had a hand in taking down Hunter Moore, notorious revenge porn site founder in operation HuntHunter. He shares with Speakeasy his message for the survivor, the perpetrators, the college’s president and the actions taken by Hocking administrative members in their handling of the rape allegation.

The questions for Lostutter are in bold while his answers are italicized. Key people to know before reading this Q&A: Betty Young is the president of Hocking College, Al Matthews is Hocking College’s police chief and the Hocking Hawks football coach, Mike Brown is Hocking College’s public relations director and Trent Mays is one of the convicted rapists from the Steubenville High School rape case who is currently a student at Hocking College and a football player for their team, the Hocking Hawks.

Have you attempted to contact Hocking administration about any of these issues prior to organizing the protest?

I have. I have left a message with Al Matthews and I have yet for him to return any of my calls. I do have his cell phone number but I’m saving that for a special occasion.

What drew your attention to Hocking College?

I read about it in the media. I read into it and remembered that’s where Trent Mays went to campus so it peaked my interest even more.

Is the protest in direct response to the recent alleged gang rape at Hocking College?

It’s in response to the alleged gang rape at Hocking College. Hocking College created a rape culture whenever they gave Trent Mays a pass to play football for them based on his athletic ability rather than enforcing their own laws where they require athletes to live in campus housing. Trent Mays can’t live in campus housing because he is a registered sex offender. I called there impersonating a student who was looking to play football for them and they told me that I have to live in campus housing to play football. They enabled rape culture there, they gave a rapist a pass. They let him set the precedent for how rape is treated at that school. 

Do you expect a response from Hocking administration tomorrow?

I don’t expect a response at all because they don’t respect the student body, they don’t respect the public that pays their paychecks, and they don’t respect Anonymous.

If you were to receive a response from Hocking Administration what would be the ideal response?

The ideal response would be Dr. Betty Young’s resignation. The coach’s resignation because he has denied three Title IX training sessions for sexual harassment after being sued for sexual harassment and after facilitating rape in his team and enabling a rapist to play for his team and create an exception for that rapist to play. Mr. Brown’s resignation also. There is a system in place where they implement emergency phones around campus and emergency systems for sexual assault.

Do you have a message for Trent Mays or the alleged perpetrators in the recent case?

Trent Mays wasn’t involved and I have no quarrel with him at this time. However, the alleged  perpetrators (we’ve already outed one today, his name is [Speakeasy will not print the name at this time]) he is definitely one of our key interests. Al Matthews is another interest, who is the coach and has been sued already for sexual harassment. I have a problem with the incident report that comes from the college. It says evidence of the rape is stored in Hocking College Police Department and Al Matthews has access to all of that evidence and can protect his players. You have their PR person, Mr. Brown stating that the rape didn’t happen and that we should all take it with a grain of salt. You have the county prosecutor who has all of the evidence saying that is not the case. We have a definite case of a cover up here in order to protect a million-dollar asset. 

Do you have a message for the survivor in the case?

Yes I do. We were in contact two days ago, you stated that three of the attackers came in the cafeteria while 10TV came and interviewed people at the school. They intimidated you by giving you glances and stares. Just know that anonymous will stand for you and we always have stood for the downtrodden and victims and you are a part of the 99% and you are not alone. 

Where does your passion for this issue stem from?

My mom was severely abused during my childhood, to the point where I took days to clean the blood up out of our house. I was 15-16 years old during the time and violence against women is just against the code I grew up in. I’m kind of the child of the streets so to speak, we don’t play that stuff around here. 

Are you directly calling out Young?

Yes. For the unethical firing of any teacher that supports unions. It’s rumored that with tomorrow’s protest she plans on revoking financial aid for any student that attends. We have legal representation standing by if that is the case because she should not have access to federal funds. If she plans on doing that I will personally drive up from North Carolina myself and sit in her fucking office. 

Any other board members you take issue with?

Mr. Brown himself because he stated (in an interview with WOUB) we should all take rape with a grain of salt and treat it like the old days. 

Is there any significance in the length of the rally?

It gives everyone a chance to protest. Steubenville 2.0 is happening and Dr. Betty Young is fueling it. 

Any comment on the email that was sent by Young to Hocking students yesterday?

I do. She passively aggressively marginalized rape into the fact that we should all watch how we drink and who we drink with. That was the victim’s first time drinking (her own words) and she was taken advantage of (her own words) and was heavily intimidated by the school and the faculty (her own words). She marginalized rape heavily and she should be ashamed of herself not only as a woman but as the president of a university where she has a responsibility to protect the students. 

Below is an excerpt from Young’s email that was sent to the Hocking College student body:

“Substance abuse, alcohol and sexual conduct are areas of concern on college campuses across the nation. We have an opportunity to learn and practice strategies to keep ourselves and others safe both on campus and off. Know and be aware of your surroundings; know the phone number of the Campus Police and program the number into your phone; do not walk alone-use the buddy system; let others you trust know where you are going and when you will return; exchange phone numbers and be available to your friends to help or get help as needed; don’t engage in dangerous behaviors such as drinking or use of mind/behavior altering substances. When meeting new people remain in a public place with trusted friends. Be cautious about the use of social media when sharing personal information. These are just a few strategies and hopefully open a dialogue among you and your friends to further discuss how to best be safe on and off campus.”

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3 thoughts on “Hacker that exposed Steubenville case says “Steubenville 2.0 is happening” at Hocking College

  1. Hocking Tech has a history of sexual abuse and sexual harrasment. I attended Hocking Tech a long time
    ago and it was nothing to have the instructors date and have sex with students. I know because I eas a victim of sexual harrasment while I attended Hocking Tech. I hope more women will step up and tell their stories.

  2. Hi. I look at those twitter people, but lots of warnings about FBI, wizards, ISIS and scams and other bad things with anonymouse people. Are you sure are they are safe people for you to advertise here? If they are attack the college too is that crime for them, too? Thank you.

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