The hits and the misses: A fall television preview

We're screaming for new fall t.v. and pumped for 'Scream Queens' Photo Credit: Vulture

We’re screaming for new fall television and pumped for ‘Scream Queens.’ Image from Vulture.

Ah, fall. A time for changing leaves, pumpkin flavored everything and most importantly new television shows.

With the promos on their way out and most shows set to premiere within the next few weeks, Speakeasy is here to give you a look at which shows look like hits and which ones, well…not so much.

Let’s break it down network by network, and see which shows will hit and which shows will miss.


Hit: Heroes Reborn”

The 13-episode mini series is a follow-up to the cult classic “Heroes” and it looks awesome. With enough returning characters to keep fans happy and enough new blood and plot to keep it interesting, this one is sure to be a winner. Plus, it is only a mini-series which means it won’t even have time to jump the shark like its predecessor. Also, who doesn’t love them some Zachary Levi?

They're back. Photo Credit: Imdb

They’re back. Image from IMDb.

Honorary Mention: “Blind Spot”

It’s a mystery starring hot people and a somewhat interesting looking plot, a recipe for success.


Miss: “Truth Be Told”

Haven’t heard of this one? Yeah, not surprised. The sitcom, set to premiere in October, has been granted a Friday night slot, a.k.a the television kiss of death. ’90s childhood hero Mark-Paul Gosselaar will not be enough to save the cliché comedy, which focuses on a couple who finds out their babysitter has moonlighted as a porn star. Yeah. We will pass.

Honorary Mention: Heartbreaker” 

Do we really need romantic doctor shows? Do we?



Hit: Supergirl”

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…nope, it’s a new show and it looks really good! While this show will be placed under a magnifying glass by fans and critics, “Supergirl” looks like more than just another superhero show. It looks quirky, playful, and fun; and it is giving former “Glee” actress Melissa Benoist a chance to show her potential. We have to wait until November, but “Supergirl” should be worth the wait.

Honorary Mention: “Limitless”

Bradley Cooper is involved. Enough said.


Miss: “Life in Pieces”

A comedy about unconventional family life with a barely creative twist? This is a miss. The half hour comedy takes a family and presents four small stories per episode, yawn. While the cast is great, featuring Colin Hanks and Betsy Brandt,

No thanks, typical family. Photo Credit: Variety

No thanks, typical family. Image from Photo Variety.

it just doesn’t look like it will keep us interested.

Honorary Mention: “Code Black”

Again, do we really need more doctor shows? NO.



Hit: “The Muppets” 

Come on, who doesn’t love “The Muppets?” As more information has come out about this show it seems to be a ton of fun, offering the right combination of nostalgia and new material. Seeing classic “Muppets” characters in a setting with more adult humor also sounds like a recipe for a good time.

Ah the memories! Photo Credit: Slash Film

Ah the memories! Image from Slash Film.

Honorary Mention: “The Family”

Original, psychotic, messy, and thrilling. We’re interested.


Miss: “Blood and Oil”

“Blood and Oil” seems to offer the melodrama of a soap opera minus the fun. This is a miss. Hitting ABC on Sunday nights, “Blood and Oil” comes across as trying to be bold and dramatic, without an interesting enough story to back it up. It has a great cast but unfortunately that isn’t enough.

Honorary Mention: “Dr. Ken” 

Love us some Ken Jeong but this just doesn’t look like it’s gonna cut it.



Hit: “Scream Queens”

Some originality is coming to Fox and we can’t wait. The latest brain child from TV mastermind Ryan Murphy, “Scream Queens” is a horror/comedy that combines the wit from the early days of “Glee” with the punch and fear of “American Horror Story.” To top it off the show has a killer (slight pun intended) cast that is sure to captivate audiences when it premieres at the end of September.

Honorary Mention: “Grandfathered” 

John Stamos and Josh Peck are returning to television and all of our childhood dreams are coming true.

Sorry, Spielberg. Photo Credit: Screen Rant

Sorry, Spielberg. Image from Screen Rant.


Miss: “Minority Report”

Based off of the classic Spielberg hit, this show is more likely to disappoint fans of the original than succeed on its own. With dystopian sci-fi being as common today as family sitcoms were in the 90s, it doesn’t seem like this show is going to be able to stand out. Don’t worry though, we think Spielberg will be just fine.


Honorary Mention: “Rosewood” 

No one is better looking than Morris Chestnut but this looks dry.


That is what we think of this year’s fall television lineup. Be sure to check out all the brand new fall shows to see if our predictions come true!

Love television? Want to talk about it? Let us know in the comments what you think of our predictions.

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