Back with a healthy conscious: Boyd Market re-opens

The Veggie Butcher station is one of the new offerings as a part of Boyd's transformation. Students can go up to the counter to have their fruits and vegetables prepared.

The Veggie Butcher station is one of the new offerings as a part of Boyd’s transformation. Students can go up to the counter to have their fruits and vegetables prepared.

College is a time when eating healthy might not always be on the mind — if something is convenient, and one is hungry, they resort to fueling their body with unhealthy foods. Fortunately, striving to eat healthy with our meal plan has never been easier thanks to the new Boyd Market. So, step away from the pre-made salads and fried foods of the other halls, take the scenic route to West Green and pay Boyd a visit.

“I never imagined a college dining hall to be like this,” said Madeline Lofaso. “It makes eating healthy a whole lot easier when the healthy food outweighs the bad where you are eating.” Lofaso went on to explain that she now walks past Nelson Court just to go to Boyd multiple days a week.

The eight “micro-restaurants” making up West Green Market District vary in cuisine but all strive to provide healthy options. Immediately to the right of the entrance resides Margaret’s: Unique for you, a deli and saute bar for students with food allergies and special diets. The food is made- to -order right in front of your eyes, a necessity for those with special diets.

West Greens, the in-house salad bar, provides students with a full salad bar, two soups, salad of the day option and an infused water hydration station. The gourmet salads are tossed freshly in large bowls, such as Sunday night’s special of salmon salad. This salad is prepared on a base of spinach leaves with herbed quinoa, craisins, red onions and balsamic basil dressing then topped with a cilantro-lime, salmon fillet.

Carver’s Cut is determined to serve meats with less fat by providing baked and roasted meats and rotisserie chickens. By replacing fried meats, Carver’s Cut is reducing the excess fat and calories traditionally served by dining halls. The entrees are often accompanied by sauteed squash and zucchini, stuffed bell peppers and quinoa salad.

“My favorite part about Boyd is Between the Bread,” said Samantha Belk. “And I can tell a lot of people agree with me just by looking at the line.”

Between the Bread is Boyd’s advanced sandwich making station. Students can order their take of sandwich or wrap with a few simple touches with the touch screen device located on the kiosk placed outside the station. Healthier choices include turkey, wheat breads, honey wheat and spinach wraps and a variation of veggies. All creations can be served plain, grilled or as a panini.

Located adjacent to Boyd dining hall is the newly renovated Boyd Market. It is now equipped with a Veggie Butcher and Smooth Moves.

“Not many people know about us yet,” said a Boyd employee when asked about the Veggie Butcher portion of the market. She explained any fruits and vegetables available in Boyd market can be dropped off at their counter to be washed and cut to one’s preference. A sign above the produce and fruit wall distinguishes the types of cuts that are available.

Immediately to the left of the market’s entrance is Smooth Moves, a real fruit juice and smoothie bar. Students can create their own smoothies, as well as choose from the well-thought out and healthy options provided. Create-your-own smoothies are available along with extras such as scoops of protein powders, antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber blend.  Conveniently, Smooth Moves can be purchased with a traditional or Flex plan swipe.

“I feel good about what I eat at Boyd,” said Theresa Carmody, “And I have yet to eat anything [at Boyd] that wasn’t great.”


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