Wild Child’s new album “Fools” evokes a range of emotions

wc-fellow-album-coverEveryone has an album that comes to mind when they think of happy, feel-good and relaxing thoughts. When I listened to Wild Child’s new album “Fools,” it made me want to lay around in a hammock on a sunny day.

With lighthearted, ebullient notes and acoustic sounds, all of the songs on the album create an ambiance of positivity and joy.

After researching more on the background of the album, I found that it was written to turn sad stories into something empowering for the listener. It was created to connect people to the power of music and have them look inward at themselves.

While writing this album, lead vocalist and violinist Kelsey Wilson was going through a breakup with her ex-fiancé, along with the divorce of her parents. Under these circumstances I would have expected this album to be sad, with slow tempos and deep, sorrowful notes. However, I could only get happy vibes from almost every song.

I believe that this album is meant to reach into the hearts of everyone going through a hard time. This is the kind of album to listen to when you’re getting over something that was hard, and you’re ready to move on from it.

The album has a general meaning and purpose for why it was written, but each song was written with different themes.

One of my favorite songs was “Meadows,” which tells a story of love. The song talks about how hard it can be to let someone in, but if that person makes you happy, sometimes you have to go for it and see what could happen.

It is a song that highlights the efforts required to be in a relationship that works. “Meadows” gives a positive feeling of falling for someone for the first time, something to which many people can relate.

Kelsey Wilson of Wild Child. Photo courtesy of austinot.com

Kelsey Wilson of Wild Child. Photo courtesy of austinot.com

Another song that stuck out to me was “The Cracks.” The lyrics from the song, “And if I say I want you back / I want you back / But who’s to say if you come back / Would it be what it was,” makes me think of what someone tells themselves when they are contemplating either leaving a relationship for good or giving it one more chance, which isn’t an easy situation for anyone.

When you listen to a song that describes or depicts exactly what you are thinking in that kind of situation, you can’t help but appreciate every word and every emotion it evokes.

This album has highs, lows, love, heartbreak, happiness and loneliness. When you listen to it you will remember challenges you’ve overcome, people you’ve loved and people you’ve lost. With happy songs and sad songs, “Fools” is the perfect mix and blend of emotions that you are likely to feel in any hard situation that life throws your way.

I recommend this album to anyone who loves happy, jazzy and upbeat music. With multiple instruments creating an entrancing sound and deep, meaningful lyrics within every song, this album is sure to capture anyone instantly.

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