Is it too soon for Christmas music?

Halloween is officially over. We put the candy and costumes away. We threw out the rotting pumpkins and blew out the jack-o-lantern candles.

The month of October has come to a close, and it is now officially well into November. What’s next?

While Thanksgiving might come to mind of some, others would go straight to Christmas. Some people even decided to start playing Christmas music as early as Nov. 1.

While there is nothing wrong with being excited for the upcoming holiday season, does that mean that it is wrong to play music so soon?

“I think it is a serious no-no. It is not even Thanksgiving yet, and I don’t even like Christmas music,” said junior Kaitlin Clark, a recording industry student.

Many businesses and radio stations will start broadcasting Christmas music right after Halloween. They play the songs, sell decorations and begin promoting their holiday sales. Families start planning celebrations and dinners for the rest of the year, and the next celebration is Thanksgiving.

While every holiday is great and exciting in its own way, they are not all celebrated exactly the same. Music is used during the Christmas season as a way to celebrate and enrich joy through the holiday.

Unfortunately, there are not many Thanksgiving songs. So what do you play when you’re preparing for the annual feast? Just any music? There are winter themed songs that are not entirely about Christmas, but they will usually follow the songs centered on the holiday.

Some people say Christmas music is good for the remaining two months of the year, not only for the month of December.

“I think it depends on the setting. I like it if I’m doing any holiday things. Whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’ll put you in the mood,” said Jennifer Imel, a communications studies student.

Everyone has their own opinions on music and holidays. Regardless of  varying views on when holiday music should be played, many businesses started as soon as November rolled around.

Businesses want to draw out the sales and revenue for as long as they possibly can. We will never be able to escape the patterns that businesses take during their busiest times of the year.

We can get upset or bothered by these things that we cannot control, but doing so can take away from the greatness that is this holiday season. We can only accept it and choose to view it as we please.

If you don’t want to listen to holiday music so early, just change the station. Don’t want to shop just yet? You still have time! There is no rush for the holiday season. You have a little over a month to get your gifts and get into the spirit!

The holidays are a great time for all people who celebrate all different festivities. It is a wonderful time of the year, and we are all free to enjoy it at our own pace.

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