7 reasons why I wish my life was like “New Girl”


Image from Amazon.com.

“New Girl” is easily one of the funniest shows on television right now. Every episode has me laughing nearly every five seconds. I always tell people that I wished I lived in the loft with Nick, Winston, Schmidt and Jess. Here are a few reasons why:

Reason #1: Their loft is so freaking cool


Image from Fox.com

Living in an apartment with my best friends is a dream of mine. And living in L.A.? What could be cooler?!

But the loft in “New Girl” has to be one of the coolest television apartments I have ever seen. It looks so spacious and we would definitely have some fun times there.


Reason #2: The people who live in the loft are just as cool as the loft itself


Image from Hitfix.

I would love to live with people who I get along with well, and Nick, Winston, Schmidt and Jess definitely seem like my cup of tea.

They are all so close and always have each others’ backs, and you can always see how much they really care about each other. Not to mention all of the weird/funny things that happen to them. I may not enjoy those things when they happen if I were in their shoes, but I would be left with some interesting memories.

Reason #3: I can finally learn how to play True American from the pros

If you have never watched “New Girl” then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. But True American is a drinking game invented by the show. The problem is that I have no idea how to play because they never explain the game in detail.

This is what fans have been able to piece together: Players take turns trying to win moves in order to move around the room on the tables, chairs and cushions because the floor is molten lava. At the center of the room is a castle made of bottles of alcohol and a ton of beers. As players move around the room, they remove beers and drink them. Once all of the beers have been removed, the first player to reach the bottle of alcohol, finish their beer and take a swig from the bottle wins the game. I would love to hear how to play from the people who made the game.

Reason #4: NICK

Nick is so stinking cute and hilarious. Need I say more?


Image from Pinterest.

Reason #5: All of the characters follow their dreams

All of the characters do exactly what they want when they want. They all have jobs they love despite the pay or what others think of them.

Nick, for example, works at a bar even though he passed law school. He wanted to do what made him happy. Jess is a teacher because she wants to help students and I admire that so much.

Many people say get a good job with good pay but these characters are great examples of just following your heart.

Reason #6: Living with a bunch of guys would be fun

I have always been the type of girl who gets along better with guys than girls. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of girlfriends, but I find myself wanting to hang out with guys more often.


Gif from howtofangirl.com.

Reason #7: There would never be a dull moment

If you have ever seen the show then you know that some of the situations the characters go through are pretty weird, not to mention every single one of them is hysterical. I love people who can make me laugh and I know I would be laughing every second of every day with these cool people.

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