Hello Apple, Goodbye Pumpkin


When October rolls in and the temperature drops, society typically starts celebrating the beginning of fall with an overload of everything pumpkin and pumpkin spice. But today I’m going to tell you why apple is the better flavor and should be crowned as the flavor of autumn.

Apple pie is a classic, first being made in 1381 according to, travelmamas.com while pumpkin is a much newer phenomenon being used for the first recorded time in 1621, according to whatscookingamerica.net. Apple pie has over two hundred years on the less desirable pumpkin.

Furthermore, apple is a fruit which can be eaten numerous ways including but not limited to; on its own, in a pie, doused in caramel, as a sauce, as a jam, in pastries and as a cookie. Pumpkins are just gourds not an actual food; I’d love to see someone try to cut up a fresh pumpkin to eat–yum.

When you find yourself craving a fall inspired beverage, resist the urge to go to your nearest Starbucks for your traditional PSL. Instead grab a glass of fresh apple cider, which is delicious warm or cold and with the addition of cinnamon is the perfect apple spice beverage for all your fall cravings.

Apples are wholesome and many people enjoy the activity of going to the orchard to pick ripe apples then going home to prepare their favorite dish while munching on fresh apples all the while.

The warm and delicious taste of fresh apple pie with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream slowly melting on top will never be defeated by the odd mushy texture of pumpkin pie. The aroma of cooking apples drifting through the house, giving off the comforting scent of cinnamon and brown sugar will never be less appealing than the scent of slimy pumpkin guts cooking in a pot, or worse being emptied from a can.

Apple is a long standing tradition, from a delicious apple pie, to the crunch of a caramel coated candied apple, and not to mention the Halloween flavor of sour apple. Whether you realize or not, apple dominates your life in a way pumpkin never could. This flavor will be available all year long, but nothing beats the taste of baked apple in the chilling months of autumn, the season of apples.

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