The Jam Room: The High Definitions


Nick Kurth (left), James Eger (center) and Jon Coale (right) make up The High Definitions, a rock trio based out of Columbus, Ohio. The trio sat down in the Jam Room to talk with the Boot Bandits about their music career. Photo by Lauren Flum.

The variety of music venues that Athens offers draws in bands from all over Ohio. The High Definitions, a band based out of Columbus, are frequents in the music scene here, playing shows at Casa Nueva, The Union, and Folk Fest.

The trio of Nick Kurth (guitar/vocals), James Eger (bass) and Jon Coale (drums/vocals) drew inspiration from their time in high school jazz band together to utilize the art of improvisation and sense of exploration. With unrestricted solos and vocal harmonies, The High Defs have developed a sound that incorporates psychedelic rock, blues, soul and jazz for a style all their own.

On this episode of “The Jam Room”, The Boot Bandits sat down with a The High Defs and talked about their background in Jazz music, their album “Velvet Morning” and playing in Athens- including Folk Fest.

Listen to the Episode 4 of “The Jam Room” here


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