New Stone Oven Pizza Hits the Stones of Athens: Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza

It’s no surprise that college students get their fair share of greasy pizza.

Keeping up with studying and activities can be pretty hard at times, so ordering a pie is always the quick move. One might get a slice late at night after being out on the town, or order a box while chilling at home after a long day of classes.

Whatever it might be, there is no shortage of pizza intake in Athens, Ohio. With three pizza places on Court Street it’s always hard to pass up a slice, and it just got a lot harder.

There has been a new pizza place added to Court Street that many Bobcats might not recognize. Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza has just made its appearance onto the scene, and it did not come to disappoint.

Lotsa stands out from the other pizza places in Athens. Unlike your regular pizza joint where you order and have it delivered or walk in for a slice, Lotsa is more personal. The process is simple. You can order one of Lotsa’s classic signature pizzas or build your own.

The employees shape the dough of your choice right in front of you. Then you move down the line, choosing which sauce, cheese, toppings and drizzle you would like on your pizza.

There is certainly no shortage of toppings. When I first stepped into Lotsa I was slightly overwhelmed by the choices I was given. As a first timer, I had a difficult time creating my own pizza because everything looked so good that I couldn’t decide what I wanted.

You can keep your pizza basic with just cheese and sauce, or get creative with the colorful toppings, which range from bacon, to peppers, to chicken, to the ever-so-controversial pineapple, and many more.

I was pleasantly surprised that I could stack on the toppings and not feel guilty for boosting up the price. You get to choose your dough, sauce, cheese, plus five toppings with no extra charge. Most pizza places only give you two toppings, and then upcharge you for more.

The main attraction that Lotsa offers is the stone fire oven. Heating up to 800 degrees, the stone oven cooks your pizza in three minutes. This stone fire oven guarantees that your pizza will be cooked to perfection and kept hot if you choose to take it home. I returned to my dorm after my walk home with my pizza, and it was still hot and the toppings were still in place.

I enjoyed every bite I took of my pie. With its crisp thin crust, sweet tomato sauce, and flavorful assortment of toppings, I finished the personal pizza without a complaint.

Lotsa is a place where you can get in and out quick, or stay awhile and enjoy the modern and comfortable atmosphere of the restaurant. It’s a great place to get a quick bite for lunch. Because it is open until 3am from Wednesday to Saturday, it’s also a perfect spot for pizza lovers to get a late night snack.

Lotsa adds some flavor to Court Street, and isn’t just your average pizza place. So next time you and your friends are sick of dining hall food, or just want to try something new, maybe give Lotsa a shot.


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