How to survive hOUmecoming weekend

OK! I’m about to share some knowledge with you. HOUmcoming is the best week of
the year, any bobcat will tell you, and it’s true. HOUmcoming weekend is this
beautiful collab between alum and current students that makes staying up all night
long totally worth it. There’s magic in the air and kegs & eggs on the brain, so be
alert and take in what I’m about to tell you.

Be nice. This should be a rule all the time, but hOUmcoming is all about giving and
being nice too everyone around you. This is a happy time and your attitude should
reflect that!

Plan ahead with friends. Try and think up a game plan earlier in the evening. You
never know what the night could hold and planning ahead could save you a lot of

Don’t try a fake ID. Cops are on the prowl. HOUmcoming weekend is huge in
Athens so the horses will be out and bars will be raided. Just be careful, be smart
and find a house party.

At a house party…don’t take what’s not yours. Everyone pitches in to have house
parties on weekends like this, so make sure you’re not just taking beer and food
without asking. People will usually let you do it, just have to ask.

Be respectful! It’s so cliché, but we are a bobcat family. Be respectful to all bobcats,
no matter what. This is a time to have fun, meet new friends and party. There should
be no room for hate.

Do your own thing. Everyone likes to have fun in there own way! If you want to
hike at Stroud’s, bowl all night at Roller Bowl or chill in the library, that’s dope. Do
what you want to do to celebrate your way.

Pace yourself. HOUmcoming is known to get wild, so make sure you pace yourself
to last the whole night. Yes. You stay up all night. No sleeping. See next point.

Don’t fall asleep at kegs & eggs. Kegs & Eggs is a crucial event to attend on
hOUmcoming! It revives your soul after the night you’ve had and reconnects you
with friends you’ve lost along the way. Make sure you stay awake until they begin
around 5AM, or you’re missing out.

I’m sure there are points I missed. Hopefully you have one of those spirit guide
friends to lead you through. For the most part, using these rules and remembering
to stay respectful to your bobcat family, present and past, will make your
hOUmcoming the best it can be. Most importantly, stay safe and have fun!


Featured image from Athens County Visitor’s Bureau website.

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