Q&A: Speakeasy talks with Columbus band Bare Fuzz

Bare Fuzz has been jamming around the Columbus area since 2014, but now they’re bringing their instrumental psychedelic rock music to Athens for Speakeasy’s first Porch Sounds, a house style music festival. Bare Fuzz is made up of Adam Tackett (Bass), Ryan Jones (Guitar) and Derek Petrucci (Drums). The band has built their following from their live shows so be ready to jam out with them come Saturday.

Speakeasy: How did your band meet/form?

BF: I (Adam) play bass and it started with me and Jack (another guitarist) playing together three years ago just casually. Then we met Derek (the drummer) and we were like “Wow we should keep playing.” So we kept jamming in a basement and messed around with covers and then starting doing more improv jamming, and that’s kinda how it started.

Speakeasy: How would you describe your style of music?

BF: I like to call it like psychedelic funk. it’s like heavy weather channel music. Or like heavy elevator music. It’s kind of a combination of psychedelic rock, blues and funk. We all come from different background and that kinda comes out when we come together and play.

Speakeasy: Who are your musical influences?

BF: We all like the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd. Classics like The Allman Brothers and stuff like that, lots of classic rock. But then we have like Umphrey’s Mcgee, Primus is a big one, Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Just a bunch of different people.

Speakeasy: How do you guys construct your songs?

BF: Sometimes it just comes out of a jam, sometimes one of us comes up with a riff and we sit down and work on it together. It kinda varies but most of the time one of us will just start playing something and all of us will build off of it and just keep playing and jamming and messing around, kinda improv it to see where it could go and then hone it down from there.

Speakeasy: What’s the next step for the band? What are you guys up to right now?

BF: We’re in the process of just writing and just collecting songs, finishing little songs and writing new stuff. We’re gonna try and get in the studio and throw down an EP in the next couple months. Moving on from there, hopefully in the next six months to a year, we wanna put out some kind of full length album. But right now we’re trying to play live as much as possible, and we’re really trying to branch out of Columbus. Our bread and butter is playing live, if people like us, that’s why they’re gonna like us. So we’re really trying to hit a lot of spots now and get a little following here in Ohio and branch out from there. Getting something recorded will be big so we can have somewhere to send people to listen to us.

Speakeasy: With streaming services starting to replace traditional radio, do you think it’s easier or harder now to make a name for yourself?

BF: It’s easier to get out there and get published, but it makes it more competitive too because there are more people doing it. Everything is going to streaming now. CDs are out, vinyl is back in but who knows how long that will stay? Streaming is gonna be the dominant platform and
I think that is an untapped well of opportunity. There is so much opportunity in streaming that hasn’t been realized. Once the industry figures out how to pay artists what they actually deserve based on streams, i think playing music will be thrown back to like the 60’s and 70’s where you can play and actually make money off of it. I think rock music especially is about to get a really big revival. If you look at the jam scene, there are so many awesome young bands that are up and coming, and there’s a whole wave of bands behind them that are just as good. Bands are just gonna start churning out at a crazy rate. And with the whole streaming thing it makes it a lot easier for bands to just do what they want and not worry about if it’ll get radio plays so people will notice it. They can make music they like and just put it on Spotify and if people like it they’ll listen to it. Plus you don’t really have to sell your soul to a record label anymore. Before, if you wanted to get your music out, you had to make some really big sacrifices based on what the label wanted to hear. Now you don’t need a label. You can record your own album, schedule your own tour, all DIY. Look at Chance The Rapper; they changed the rules of the Grammys so he could be a part of it because he refused to sign to anybody and he ended up winning three Grammys. There is more opportunity now then there has ever been, it’s just a matter of capitalizing on it and having the industry figure out how to pay artist what they deserve based on streams.  


Bare Fuzz will be playing this Saturday, October 21st at Porch Sounds. For more information on the band visit Bare Fuzz’s Facebook page. For more info about Porch Sounds, visit Speakeasy’s Facebook page.


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