Q&A: Speakeasy talks with artists Abigail Roberts & Rob Fellman

Abigail Roberts and Rob Fellman will be performing a set together at Speakeasy’s first ever Porch Sounds, a house-style music festival.

Abigail: I will be performing with my friend Rob Fellman on the guitar; we are both from the Youngstown, Ohio area.

Speakeasy: When did you begin performing as you do now?

Abigail: We have both been performing since we were younger, but this is actually our first show together so it should be exciting.

Speakeasy: How would you identify your music style?

Abigail: The set we have is a very folk/blues/feel good style. We like to take classic songs and make them fun, make them our own. We just want everyone to have a good time with some great music.

Speakeasy: What sorts of bands and music do you take inspiration from?

Abigail: I take a lot of inspiration from the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and the Lumineers. Rob is obsessed with John Mayer and John Mayer only.

Speakeasy: Do you plan on playing more in the future?

Abigail: Hell yes, Rob and I are a great team and work perfectly together.

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