Q&A: Speakeasy talks with Blue Moth’s guitarist, Eli Spires

Blue Moth, a self-described eclectic power-trio, is taking the Athens-Nelsonville region by storm. Eli Spires (Vocals, Guitar), Eben Tobar (Vocals, Bass) and Jeremy Olenshlager (Drums) bring their fans decades back to the smooth and passionate feel of Cream, Black Sabbath and many other electric blues bands.

As a band formed in southeast Ohio, Blue Moth has played various venues in the Athens and Nelsonville areas. At the 2017 Nelsonville Music Festival, the band shared the stage with well known artists such as They Might be Giants, Emmy Lou Harris and Ween. Although Blue Moth has played a plethora of venues, the band feels the most comfortable displaying its talent at The Union.

Speakeasy Magazine spoke with Eli to gain some insight on Blue Moth.

Speakeasy: What was the origin of your band name, Blue Moth?

Eli: We were jamming one day. Eban I were playing music and Jeremy walked by, so we asked him if he wanted to jam! We played for a little bit, and then we just started hanging out and got stoned and started thinking of band names. We just started putting adjectives and nouns together until we thought of something cool. Honestly, it was designing a band name instead of just a cool name we thought of. It’s not really significant. There aren’t really any Blue Moths around, you know!

Speakeasy: Who inspires you? Which bands do you listen to the most and why?

Eli: Um, I’d say we are all kind of similar. We listen to everything, but our true influencers are Cream and Black Sabbath. Some of the Kinks, yeah, definitely the Kinks. A lot of 60s stuff. A lot of cool 90s stuff. And some mid-60s garage surf bands, kind of like the Sonics. Ten Years After, Grand Funk, I don’t know. Jefferson Airplane, Yeah.

Speakeasy: How would you describe Blue Moth’s music?

Eli: I would describe it as kind of like and eclectic power-trio mixing aspects of blues, surf and garage rock. Also a little punk mixed with jazz. We have small jazzy spots, but very energy-filled, surfy-blues psych rock. Very raw. Raw is a good word to use.

Speakeasy: Where is your favorite place to play? What was your band’s favorite gig you have had so far?

Eli: Nelsonville Music Festival. Other than that we love playing at The Union, because you know, it’s cool.

Speakeasy: Where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you see this band down the road?

Eli: Yes, based on the drive we have we are going to try to push and try to be a band. In a few years I want to play Red Rocks (kidding). No, we just want to hit the road and start touring everywhere in the country, and maybe outside of the country. We want to be established and have the material, gear and funds to tour. We want to play everywhere.

Blue Moth will be playing at Porch Sounds on October 21st. For more information on the band, visit their Facebook page.  For the official Porch Sounds lineup, visit Speakeasy’s Facebook page.

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