Opinion: Studying abroad is an important experience to take advantage of while in college

Studying abroad to a new place is an indescribable experience. Taking in a new culture,
scenery, and sometimes even language, is something that not many people have the opportunity to immerse themselves in. Luckily, Ohio University offers a multitude of places for students to travel to, while continuing to earn class credit.

Traveling is important. Experiencing the world is something that, if given the
opportunity to do so, everyone should do. Though the idea can seem far-fetched to many, studying abroad is actually something that is extremely accessible to Ohio University students.

On September 18th, Ohio University held the Global Opportunities Fair in Baker Center. This event was full of a variety of booths, each with a specific destination and often aimed toward a specific major. A few of these opportunities include: studying fine arts in London, tasting food in Sicily, practicing journalism in Washington D.C., and even backpacking in Yellowstone National Park.

Because many of the study abroad opportunities are associated with a certain major,
students are able to travel and attend classes, while still earning credit hours towards their area of study. This is a huge incentive for students to actually consider studying abroad. Not only can one continue attending classes and receive credit hours toward their degree, but they can do it in a beautiful new country while gaining new cultural experiences and memories.

When it comes to traveling, money is always an associated factor. When presented with
the idea to study abroad, many people immediately think of how expensive it is or how it’ll be impossible to afford. In actuality, it really isn’t as expensive as it seems. Ohio University offers many scholarships and financial aid opportunities for anyone interested in pursuing studying abroad. This is a very important detail to keep in mind when it comes to studying abroad.

Studying abroad is truly something everyone should consider. I have studied abroad
myself, and when first presented with the idea, I really didn’t know if it was for me. I had my reservations at first, but when my parents told me that this could actually happen if I really wanted it to, I realized that I would regret if I didn’t take advantage of this opportunity.

I went to Sevilla, Spain for two weeks and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Honestly, it changed me. I realized what independence felt like and what it was like to be on my own in an entirely new continent. It taught me to challenge myself, while letting myself relax and enjoy life at the same time. The trip was so important to me and always will be.

It is important to follow what your gut tells you to do. It is important to do something
because you truly want to. So if you want to travel, do it. Look into programs, find a place that you really want to go to and explore. Next, look into the finances that come along with it and look into financial aid to assist you. Just because it seems like a lot of work, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Travel for you, to find yourself, and keep earning your degree while you do it.

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