Q&A: Speakeasy talks with acoustic artist Sarah Brennan

Freshman Sarah Brennan started performing her simplistic and straightforward sound early in her life in high school. She has been involved in school musicals and choir, but recently she began creating her own music. Her simple sound exemplifies that she doesn’t tend to add a lot of pizazz besides some harmonies here and there.

Sarah’s folk, pop mix can be compared to the likes of Ingrid Michaelson and Bon Iver. Her sweet soothing vocals are combined with her two instruments: her keyboard and ukulele. The ukulele was an instrument introduced to Sarah by her grandmother (who occasionally plays herself), encouraging Sarah to learn.

Sarah’s music is inspired by bands like Amber Run, The Head and the Heart, Lumineers, and a few others, and although her style may not be similar, these bands make it really easy for her to be excited about making music.

Although she may be an up and comer, Sarah can be found on Soundcloud with well over 5 thousands views and a strong number of followers.

Speakeasy: What songs do you love singing (that aren’t your own) and why?  

Sarah: Some songs I love to perform that aren’t my own include “Skinny Love,” by Bon Iver, “Fire and Rain,” by James Taylor, and “This is Gospel,” by Panic! at the Disco. I love performing them because they’re consistently wholesome by themselves, so it makes it easier to person with only one instrument.

Speakeasy: Describe yourself in three words?

Sarah: If I could describe myself in three words, it’d be short, loud, and generally excited (for usually no good reason).

Speakeasy: What hidden talent do you have other than singing?

Sarah: My hidden talent is that I can make an alarmingly accurate dolphin noise!

Speakeasy: What is your favorite song at the moment?

Sarah: My favorite song right now is “Katie Queen of Tennessee,” by The Apache Relay.

Sarah will be playing at Porch Sounds Music Festival on October 21st.

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