Grammy Honorable Mentions

The 60th annual Grammy Awards aired last Sunday night. A diverse group of nominees made up different categories ranging from best rock album to the biggest award of the night, album of the year. While all of the artists nominated were well deserved, the Grammy Awards are always slightly frustrating for music lovers like myself. We pray and hope our favorite artists will get the honor, and every year we are somewhat disappointed with The Recording Academy’s choices. I’m not knocking any of the artists that were nominated, for they all deserved their nominations. However, there were some artists that also deserved some recognition. Here are my top five Grammy honorable mentions.

Harry Styles, Harry Styles

This album has been overlooked since it first came out. After successfully leaving a boyband, Styles was able to create an album that shows his vulnerability but still has a raunchy edge. The whole album has a 70s rock and roll feel and is not to be taken lightly. This is not the mainstream pop album that everyone was expecting from the ex-boyband member. The album is full of emotion and is certainly a coming-of-age milestone for Styles. Songs from the album that are most notable are “Sign of the Times,” a Bowie-influenced power ballad that was a bold move to drop as the first single, “Only Angel,” a cheeky track of the slightest debauchery, and “From the Dining Table,” an exposing track with a bare guitar riff and isolated vocals. With this album Styles could have picked up a nomination in the “best rock album” category or “best new artist,” even though technically he is not “new.”

Dua Lipa, Dua Lipa

This album is one that breathes nothing but pure, pop essence. Dua Lipa is an artist who has the potential to be on the same level as any mega pop star that has earned his or her spot in the main scene. Her self-titled album is full of electronic synth, bass and motivating lyrics. She is a female icon preaching motivation to girls all over. This album is full of attitude with some hints of sensitive emotion. Most of these songs have a club-pop vibe with pulsating beats and a fast rhythm. Lipa basically gives a big middle finger to anyone trying to bring her down and motivates listeners to do the same. Some notable songs on this album would be “IDGAF,” a complete diss-track to any man that wronged her, and “New Rules,” the most popular single from the album that has turned into an anthem for any girl’s night out. This album could have been nominated in the “best pop album” category.

Rag N’ Bone Man, Human

This album is completely unique, and Rag N’ Bone Man has paved his own lane of music. Human embodies a diverse feel of southern blues mixed with folk. His voice gives off so much soul, and his deep tones add depth to each song. The whole album is full of soul and grit. The dark sounds are original and sound like nothing that has been released recently. Rag N’ Bone Man creates songs that are just as much ruthless as they are emotional. The main force of this album is the voice singing the songs. The strong rasp and brute of Rag N’ Bone Man’s voice pull you in to each song. Some notable songs on this album would be “Die Easy,” an a capella track where you can feel every single emotion, and “Ego,” a stylistic track full of perfect production and even a bit of rap. Human could have been nominated for “best new artist” with this creative masterpiece.

Miguel, War and Leisure

The R&B category this year at the Grammy Awards was pretty stacked, but an artist that was overlooked was Miguel. His new album, “War and Leisure,” is a psychedelic R&B album with funky bass lines and a more instrumental focus than his past albums. This entire project is full of tracks that would make anyone want to get up and dance. Full of attitude and brief political messages, the album is very versatile. When listening you can hear influence from artists like Prince and Marvin Gaye. Some tracks that stick out on the album are “Pineapple Skies,” a smooth track that shows off Miguel’s range, and “City of Angels,” a slower track with a message for listeners and bumping kick drum beat. Miguel could have been nominated in the best R&B album category.

The Killers, Wonderful Wonderful

After a bit of a hiatus, The Killers released “Wonderful Wonderful.” This album still has all of their old alternative rock sounds that we heard on “Hot Fuss,” but has a little bit more of a modern sound and message. The Killers stay true to where they began with a rock-and-roll edge, but also threw in a little more groove to this album. “Wonderful Wonderful” has an 80s feel throughout the album and bleeds with emotion.  This album is one of the most personal the band has ever released, which makes each song more genuine. Songs to pay attention to on this album are “The Man,” a confident tune with a glam rock feel, “Life to Come,” a hopeful track that stays true to lead man Brandon Flowers strong vocals, and “Have All the Songs Been Written,” a mellow ballad that sounds similar to something U2 would create. This album could have been considered for best rock album or best alternative album.

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