10 Classes at OU that may not be on your radar

Ohio University prides itself for diversity amidst a generally otherwise homogenous area. This we all know. But diverse classes are something that we often miss. Here are 10 wild classes that you probably didn’t know OU offered:

Jokgu PAW 1114

This sport that originated in South Korea is a combination of volleyball and soccer. Typically played on a tennis or badminton course, this game is played without hands. Competitions usually involve two or four players per team. At OU, Jokgu is a new approach to active academia.

The Global Occult: Ghosts, Demonology, and the Paranormal in World Religion CLWR 2300

This spooky class explores what it means to believe in ghosts, cast hexes, and hold séances. From the perspective of religion, students taking this course will engage in readings, films, and lectures to learn about ghost traditions from places as far and exotic as North India and Hawaii.

Knowing What We Know CAS 2405

If you’ve ever questioned your judgment this might be the course for you. In this class, students analyze the role of knowledge in every day judgment.

Food Matters! Explorations in Food Across the Liberal Arts CAS 2411

We all know food matters, but in CAS 2411 (previously known as CAS 1410) students examine food in as an aspect of culture and everyday life.

Black Music Criticism AAS 3570

Black Music Criticism explores the various contradictions and representations of hip-hop culture. Furthermore, students will better gauge the depth of hip hop within the context of African culture traditions.

Nonprofit Fundraising LPA 4680

Nonprofit Fundraising equips students with techniques required for executing fundraisers. Throughout the course, students will also learn about practical, moral and legal issues in fundraising.

Thinking About Death CLWR 4820

Thinking about death may be a habit for some, but in this class students learn about death rituals and funeral and burial customs in various world religions.

Special Topics in Law & Politics: Comics! POLS 4902

In this class, students study the historical context of comics and how they’ve changed over time with the social and political climate.

The 1980s in the U.S.: The Age of Reagan and Madonna HIST 5224

History 5224 examines the political and social of the 80s. More specifically, the class delves into the growth of conservatism and Reagan-era policies.

Southeast Asian Puppet Theatre IART 5601

This art class examines the literature, music and puppetry of Southeast Asian puppet theatre. This includes analyzing the context of the art in politics, culture, gender and religion

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