Speakeasy Cinema Podcast Episode 4: Phantom Thread


In this episode of the Speakeasy Cinema Podcast, we talk extensively about Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film, Phantom Thread.

This film follows the life and romance of a master dress-maker named Reynolds Woodcock – played by none other than Daniel Day-Lewis – and his young female counterpart Alma – played by the stunning Vicky Krieps.

Reynolds enjoys a life of rigorous routine. His breakfast, his dress-making, and even his relationships endure strict restraints. Reynolds’ life is lived under the constant consultation of his sister Cyril – played by the fabulous Leslie Manville – who organizes his days into sections of sameness.

One bright morning in a restaurant by the sea, Reynolds encounters a somewhat clumsy, yet lovely waitress named Alma. He courts her, and what seems like a handsome relationship ensues. But something is creeping under the thread. The film is an investigative journey into what lies beyond the unseen. The secret message that is hidden within Reynolds’ dresses.

Winning the Academy Award for Best Costume Design, this film is truly a fantastic work and will be admired for its tightly knit narrative, its intricate shots and costumes and its unmatched ability to take viewers into the depths of another person’s mind.

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