Holidays of the Week: September 16th-September 22

by Aaron Brandenburg

Have you ever woke up and thought to yourself, “Man, I wish today was special. But instead, I just gotta go to class, sick and tired as usual?” Well never fear! I may not be a doctor, and I’m not going to advocate skipping class, but I know for a fact something eventful and special is going on that day. It may be the birthday of someone famous, it may be a holiday or historical event from a different country, or it could just be something random, but there is most certainly an event for every day of the year. In this weekly series, I will reveal something interesting and significant about each day of the week. That being said, let’s just jump right on in to next week’s events.

September 16: 170th Anniversary of France Abolishing Slavery

In the 1800s, some countries finally abolished slavery. France was in the middle of the pack on this particular issue, being about 15 years slower than Great Britain and about 40 years slower than Spain, but beating the United States by about 15 years and Brazil by 40. Even still, shout-out to the French for celebrating the day they made their country truly free.

September 17: Phil Jackson’s 73rd Birthday

If you are a fan of basketball, you can understand how much Phil Jackson contributed to the current success of the NBA.

Jackson was the definitive head coach of the NBA for two decades—both in the 2000s with Shaq and Kobe and in the ‘90s with Michael Jordan. If you are not a fan of basketball, Jackson is one of the many random people on the planet who has a birthday today.

September 18: The Day of Atonement

While many of us are trying to remember what we did with our keys, Jews all over the world will begin a massive reflection on the sins they have committed in the past year. Yom Kippur, as it is more commonly called, starts at sundown on the 18th and carries over into sundown on the 19th

September 19: International Talk Like a Pirate Day

If you’re looking for a valid excuse to dress up like a pirate on campus, well you still technically don’t have one, but hey, this is pretty cool too. Our professors will be “shivering their timbers” as they tell us real life pirates didn’t actually use that expression. If you want more information on how to talk like a pirate, go to the surprising amount of websites devoted to the subject or just change your Facebook’s language to pirate, if it isn’t there already.

September 20: Ashura

Judaism isn’t the only religion that gets a major holiday this week. The Islamic Day of Atonement falls within this week as well. It is a remembrance of one of the most important battles in Islamic history known as the Battle of Karbala. The Sunni Muslims also remember events from the other Abrahamic religions on this day, such as Passover.

September 21: National Peace Day

Do you like doves? Do you like peace? Man, does the United Nations have a holiday for you. In a world full of conflict, the U.N. reminds everyone that we are all human here. Totally unrelated to peace day, but you should probably pay your monthly plan unless you want to tell this university peace out.

September 22: The Fall Equinox

Summer is officially over on the 22. If you’re wondering what an equinox is—to sum it up as quickly as possible—think tilted earth, angles, longitude, sunlight. That’s pretty much all you need to know, other than summer is gone and that makes people sad. Hey, at least the trees will look cool.

This week we are going to get a lot of important events that are based on different calendars all lining up for an overall week of reflecting on one’s past and looking for the future. We will have some fun too, wishing old people happy birthday and talking like pirates. But the fun and reflection create a nice balance and should be embraced for another quality week.

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