The Athena Has Some Great Movies Right Now: Which One Should You Go See?

by Ben Lindner

Looking for a movie to see this week? Well look no further, here are our reviews of the movies currently playing at the Athena:

I, your local cinephile friend, would say that all three films currently showing at the Athena are “good.” But, admittedly, they are not for everyone. So here’s a quick guide to which movie at the Athena you should go see.

Eighth Grade


First up is “Eighth Grade,” comedian Bo Burnham’s directorial debut. Eighth Grade follows Kayla Day, played by Elsie Fisher, as she tries to navigate her final year of middle school. This movie a classic coming-of-age story that fans of “Sixteen Candles,” “The Breakfast Club,” or the more recent “Lady Bird” are sure to love. Fisher gives a fantastic performance as Kayla as she tries to face her anxiety and the struggles of growing up. “Eighth Grade” as a whole excels at capturing that eighth grade awkwardness that we are all familiar with, resulting in some great comedic moments. However the movie is not purely comedy, as it has many heartfelt moments and some serious ones as well, such as one particular scene which literally caused me to cover my eyes. “Eighth Grade” doesn’t really tread any new ground and is fairly predictable, but it accomplishes what it sets out to do.

“Eighth Grade” is for:

* Fans of coming-of-age films

* People who were awkward in middle school

“Eighth Grade” is not for

* Someone who is looking for a surprising genre film

* Someone looking for politics and social issues in a film



Next is “BlacKkKlansman,” Spike Lee’s film adaptation of the real-life story of Ron Stallworth, an African-American man who goes undercover in the KKK in the 1970s. This movie walks the perfect line between funny and serious, with some of it’s best comedic moments happening while poking fun at just how ridiculous and ignorant the Klansmen really are.

“BlacKkKlansman” has clear themes and is very thought provoking about racial issues. This is especially clear in the last five minutes, which really wraps up the movie perfectly and puts the film into context with the current socio-political environment. Everyone walked out of the theater in complete silence. All of this plus some great performances from John David Washington (Denzel Washington’s son) and Adam Driver (Star Wars) has this movie listed high on a early Oscar lists.

“BlacKkKlansman” is for:

* Fans of Dark Comedies

* People interested in racial issues

“BlacKkKlansman” is not for

* Someone who wants a fun, light-hearted movie

* Trump supporters, probably

Sorry to Bother You


Finally comes “Sorry to Bother You,” an absurdist, satirical, comedy that is a much harder story to summarize. It’s follows a black telemarketer as he ascends in at his company and tries to navigate the white male-dominated world of capitalist America–and that’s about as much as I can tell you. This movie is genuinely one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen, with twists and turns and an unexpected narrative. It makes you let your guard before proving itself to be an incredibly powerful movie. Honestly, the less you know about this movie going in, the better. If weird indie stuff is your thing, definitely check this out.

“Sorry to Bother You” is for:

* Experimental indie fans

* People who are comfortable being uncomfortable

“Sorry to Bother You” is not for

* Someone who wants a simple movie

* Furries

All of these movies are worth seeing, and can all certainly be enjoyed my anyone, but they’re all good for very different reasons. Hopefully now you might have a better idea of what might fit your interests. So you should definitely go check out one of them at the Athena before they go and support smaller movies and your local independent cinema.

The Athena is located at 20 S Court Street and offers discount Tuesday tickets for just $4

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