Speakeasy Cinema: Blaze

This episode of Speakeasy Cinema is all about Ethan Hawke’s new film Blaze. Inspired by the life of Blaze Foley, the biographical film follows the unsung legend of Texas Outlaw Music.

According to IFC, the distributor of Blaze, “The film weaves together three different periods of time, braiding re-imagined versions of Blaze’s past, present and future. The different strands explore his love affair with Sybil Rosen; his last, dark night on earth; and the impact of his songs and his death had on his fans, friends, and foes. The braided storyline terminates in a bittersweet ending that acknowledges Blaze’s profound highs and lows, as well as the impressions he made on the people who shared his journey.”

Our hosts Seth and Ben discuss their favorite aspects of the film as well as the music of Blaze Foley.

Warning: This podcast contains spoilers.

To listen, click this link: Speakeasy Cinema: Blaze


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