Colleges Against Cancer: From Awareness to Action

According to the American Cancer Society, another 1,735,350 people will be diagnosed with cancer and Another 609,640 people will die from cancer in just the United States alone. These people can be parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, or people you would’ve gotten to meet in the future.

For the undiagnosed, that is another family struggle to go through that we all know far too well. Seeing someone they love either in pain or gone.  For the cancer victim, they have to hope through all the treatments and pain that their lives can get back to some sense of being normal. Sometimes, it never leaves. Even if it does it might come back. Then they have to go through the battle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. Both of these groups’  stories are constantly changing and need to be told.

That’s where Colleges Against Cancer is making a difference in the Ohio University Community.

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The Purple Ribbon, The Symbol of Cancer Awareness

The organization is devoted to getting the stories out of people who need to be heard. They do it through Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Every Tuesday, with the #CACOU, a video gets posted of a member sharing their story of how cancer has impacted them. A video can reach over 2,500 views.   Having a growing online presence is certainly admirable on its own right. However, the organization makes sure to be active participants in the ongoing cancer battle, not just storytellers.

Colleges Against Cancer puts on a different fundraiser every month in support of the various causes being focused on. One such example is  September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. They gave the proceeds of the monthly fundraiser to The Dragonfly Foundation, a nonprofit  in Cincinnati that helps cancer patient families to cope and transition during the life-changing process of having a family member diagnosed.

The organization  understands a fundraiser every month is a lot. They just want people to get involved and stay an active participant in the cancer battle, which is why they give as many opportunities as possible to do so.

The current co-presidents of Ohio University’s student organization Colleges Against Cancer are Rachel Pietro and Olivia Brahler.  ” I got involved with Colleges against Cancer because I had been touched so many times from friends and family,” Brahler had to say about why she joined.

With a full semester behind Ohio University students, would it be too late to join? Not according to Pietro, “There is never a bad time to join Colleges Against Cancer. People always think it’s too late to join a club. That really isn’t the case.”

They have plans for next semester, with February being Cancer Awareness Month. They even hope to become more active in the future if membership goes up as well. Possibly posting 1 story per day and potentially getting involved with other colleges.

As it stands now, Colleges Against Cancer Meets Every other Tuesday at 8pm in Walter Hall room 209. If you want to contact them, the best way to reach Colleges Against Cancer  is the e-mail address



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