2018 Cumulative Acting:Actors and Actresses who have had more than one great performance in 2018

Most people are familiar with the traditional yearly movie awards: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, that kind of thing. But one award that is not considered is an actor or actresses who had an impressive year as a whole. Here is a list of some actors and actresses who have had multiple noteworthy performances in 2018.

Michael B. Jordan (Creed 2, Black Panther)

Embed from Getty Images
Jordan poses with his Black Panther co-stars Lupita Nyong’o (left) and Danai Gurira (right) at the SAG Awards in January.


Michael B. Jordan stars in the box office smash Black Panther as Erik Kilmonger. Jordan gives a villainous performance that had him in awards conversation, a rarity for superhero movies. Jordan also stars in Creed 2, the follow-up to the incredibly popular Rocky sequel. This time Jordan is the hero of the story. Jordan’s ability to play both a strong hero and strong villain is what makes his achievement so special.

Claire Foy (Unsane, First Man, Girl in the Spider’s Web)

Embed from Getty Images
Foy holds her #SeeHer Award that she received at the 2019 Critics’ Choice Awards.


Claire Foy’s most notable role in 2018 was in First Man, where she plays the husband of Neil Armstrong as she faces the reality of the danger of his mission on the home front. However, Foy also starred in the criminally under-seen Unsane, in which she plays a woman who is admitted into a mental institution despite her being perfectly sane, and also in The Girl in the Spider’s Web. While neither movie has done incredibly well critically or commercially, many seem to agree that Foy’s performance is the highlight of both movies. This year Foy also won the #SeeHer award at the Critics’ Choice Awards for her portrayal of strong, female, characters.

Josh Brolin (Deadpool 2, Infinity War)

Embed from Getty Images
Brolin poses with his wife Kathryn Boyd at a New York Screening of Deadpool 2 last May.


Going back to superhero movies, Brolin played a major antagonistic role in two of the most successful movies of the 2018. He was the time-traveling Cable in Deadpool 2 and the infinity-stone-wielding Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Both movies are in the top five highest grossing movies of the 2018 and Brolin was a major player in both films.

Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place, Mary Poppins Returns)

Embed from Getty Images
Blunt poses with her SAG Award she received for her performance in A Quiet Place

Emily Blunt impressed this past year by playing two of the most different roles a person could play. First, she starred in horror/thriller A Quiet Place, where her ability to act without using her words made her performance all the more impressive. Later in the year Blunt played the titular Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins Returns, where she manages to perfectly capture the magic of Julie Andrews’ original performance. Blunt’s ability to hit both ends of the seriousness spectrum has been one of the most impressive feats of acting in 2018.

Brian Tyree Henry (Widows, Beale Street, Atlanta)

Embed from Getty Images
Henry walks the silver carpet at the 2019 SAG Awards in January.


Henry stole scenes on both the big and small screens when he played a supporting role in the heist thriller Widows alongside Daniel Kaluuya and Viola Davis, the drama If Beale Street Could Talk and also in the TV hit Atlanta. While not the biggest name, Henry has performed well in three different roles this past year.

Amy Adams (Sharp Objects, Vice)

Embed from Getty Images
Adams smiles while on the red carpet for the 76th Golden Globe Awards in January.


Amy Adams has gotten a lot of critic attention in 2018 with a double Golden Globe nomination, being nominated for both Vice in the film category and for Sharp Objects in the TV category. Adams was also nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Vice.

Often times a single performance can mean a successful year for an actor, but other times the more impressive feat is to have several great performances. These stars have proved that two is better than one.

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