Speakeasy Weekly Celebrations Series: Sept. 15—Sept. 21

Welcome to Speakeasy’s Weekly Celebrations Series, a series that highlights holidays and special events to be recognized each week. Every day is worth celebrating, so here are things to celebrate every day this week.

Sunday, Sept. 15—Make A Hat Day

This unofficial holiday is a great way to waste time on a Sunday. Hats can be used to block the sun, others for warmth, and sometimes people even use a hat to make a fashion statement. Sometimes a forgotten part of the wardrobe, hats worn inside are considered to be disrespectful. This long-standing etiquette rule has a history in both Knight and Christian culture that has remained in Western society. But on this special day, you are encouraged to make a hat of your own and wear it proudly.

Monday, Sept. 16—Mexican Independence Day

Much like the United States has a day to remember their independence from Great Britain, Mexico has a day to remember their independence from Spain. But instead of it being the anniversary of a document, Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on Sept. 16, to commemorate a speech made by the Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo. In the speech, Hidalgo rang a church bell and called for a revolution. Today, the people Mexico celebrate this anniversary with fireworks, parties and food, just like we celebrate our independence in America.

Tuesday, Sept. 17—Vishwakarma Puja

This religious holiday is a celebration in Hinduism for the god Vishwakarma, the god of engineering and architecture. He is also said to be the main creator of the universe. People who practice Hinduism pray to him in order to obtain professional skills and excellence. His holiday is a big enough deal in the culture that a day off is given to workers.

Wednesday, Sept. 18—The Birthday Of The United States Air Force

President Harry Truman found himself in quite a predicament after World War II. Not only was most of the world in ruin, but technological advancements made WWII were unlike any others the world had ever seen before. Steps needed to be taken in order to maintain peace. One such measure was the creation of The United States Air Force. On Sept. 18, 1947, the National Security Act took effect, creating a new service on the same level as the Army and the Navy. To this day, those who work in the United States Air Force are committed to the protection of those in the country.

Thursday, Sept. 19—Meow Like A Pirate Day

Readers of this series last year may recall Sept. 19 as International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Interestingly enough, there is another holiday that happens on the same day in regards to pirates. But instead of human pirates, the holiday focuses on cat pirates. One may be inclined to believe that this holiday is just for fun and has no basis in history whatsoever. However, travelers on the seas brought cats along to deal with rodent problems that were affecting the ships. So there is a reason to believe pirates did the same. Cat pirates, as crazy as it sounds, were likely a normal occurrence.

Friday, Sept. 20—Anniversary Of The Battle Of The Sexes

It has long been assumed males have a biological advantage in sports. This idea was challenged in 1973 when Bobby Riggs, a former world number 1 tennis player, said he could beat Billie Jean King, the world number 1 women’s tennis player, in a match. She was 29 and he was 55. King took him up on the offer and they played in a highly televised event. Billie Jean King won in three sets. This event is seen by many as a landmark in acknowledgment of women’s sports. However, other people believe Riggs threw the match. Whatever actually transpired on Riggs’s part, the event was one of the most memorable and influential events in sports history.

Saturday, Sept. 21—International Eat An Apple Day

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ is a recognizable 1860’s proverb that originated in Whales. A study done by Doctor Matthew Davis showed no correlation between apples and doctor visits. But that does not mean apples are not good for you. Eating fruit is an important part of any balanced diet. So much so, that even though the study disproved the proverb, the same study also found people who eat apples are less likely to need prescription drugs. So, at least on Sept. 21, why not just enjoy an apple?

Stay tuned to Speakeasy every week for more things to celebrate.

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